Manfrotto Nanopole Stand is a new lightweight stand, with a payload of 1,5Kg and outstanding stability. It’s a two-in-one product: the central column is detachable and easily turns into a hand held boom. To detach the pole from the stand it’s easy and fast: simply press the button with the logo and detach the pole.
Manfrotto Nanopole Stand is suitable to a great variety of situations and provides exciting new possibilities to the photographer. It is provided with a hook for sandbag and a levelling leg that allows its use also on uneven surfaces. It is the the ideal lighting support for use on location or in studio.





  • 轻量、紧凑而坚固
  • 灯架中轴能拆下变成灯架吊杆
  • 伸缩地脚设计,加上沙包挂钩,能于不平地面上保持灯架垂直
  • 最大承重1.5Kg
  • 16mm螺栓及3/8英寸和1/4英寸螺纹


重量 1070 g
顶部接口 1/4英寸螺丝, 3/8英寸螺丝, 5/8英寸(16mm)螺栓
闭合长度 49 厘米
颜色 黑色
底座最大直径 100 厘米
材质 铝合金
最大高度 195 厘米
最小高度 49 厘米
可升降节数 5

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