Product details of Manfrotto MK190X3-3W 190X Kit - Alu 3-Section Tripod + 804RC2 3 Way Head


The new 190X Aluminum 3 section tripod is also available as a kit with the 804RC2 3-way head with quick-release camera plate. 

Key Features: 
The key feature of the 190X is the ground level adaptor which allows great shooting creativity. Once placed on the top casting and combined with the 4 leg angles, it enables the tripod to reach ultra-low positions. 

The legs of the 190X tripod are fast to extend and adjust, thanks to the Quick Power Lock levers that block and unblock each leg section. The QPL levers are specially designed for a more comfortable and stronger single-handed grip of the leg locks. From a folded position, the sections of each leg of the tripod can be released in a single movement. The QPL lever design also offers more powerful locking of each section, meaning the tripod is more stable and rigid than with traditional lever designs. Intuitive and ergonomic leg angle selectors allow each leg to be independently and solidly set to any of the pre-set angles, allowing even greater positioning freedom. 

The top casting of the 190X has an Easy Link connector to support a photo or video accessory (such as a LED light, flash, reflector, or other piece of equipment) on an extending arm or bracket, turning the tripod into a practical mobile studio. 

The 804RC2 is a 3-way photo head built of ultra-durable lightweight technical polymer. The 804RC2 easily withstands the daily rigors of a professional photographer’s lifestyle. A unique spring feature has been added to the 804RC2 to assist in the head’s tilt motion to compensate for heavier, off-centre loads. Ergonomic designed handles fit comfortably in the hands, while the standard quick release plate fits snugly in the low-profile receiver. 

The 190X and the 804RC2 3-Way Head are made in Italy by Manfrotto.

Product Details

MK190X3-3W - 190X 鋁合金三節腳架 三向雲台套組





新品190X能適應地面各種情況,讓使用者有平穩的拍攝環境。此款新品重點特色是搭載Ground Level Adaptor 低角度雲台接座,可讓使用者盡情發揮想像力拍攝。更換原有中柱並搭配角度選擇器,可使腳架十分貼近地面。
創意無限: 與配件搭配整合
跟隨曼富圖所有專業設備產品線的腳步,新品190X於中柱上方也設計了Easy Link簡易連結孔,LED燈、反光罩或其他配件皆可旋入連結孔內,讓190X腳架就像一個移動式的攝影棚。



  中柱 rapid
最低高度 21.0 cm
最大高度 173.0 cm
最大高度(中柱放下) 148.0 cm
  材質 鋁合金
  腳管直徑 26. 22.5. 19  mm
腳管管節 3 節
  腳管角度 25°.51°
閉合長度 72.0 cm
顏色 黑色
承重能力 4.0 kg
重量 3.0 kg


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