The stylish and versatile backpack collection from Manfrotto is a functional compromise between a backpack and shoulder bag. For the shutterbug who likes versatility, this may be the perfect choice for you. With its comfortably designed straps, slinging it or wearing it for hours will never an issue.


The Active Sling 2 is designed to carry a Pro DSLR camera with battery grip, attached 70-200mm lens plus up to 2 additional lenses, flash and accessories. It keeps the DSLR camera in quick-draw position at all times and it can be carried either on the back or on the torso and simply switch from one position to the other by swinging the bag from back to front to grab the camera for shooting.



Inside the Bag

The main compartment will hold a DSLR camera body with 70-200mm zoom lens attached in top grip position. Use the dividers to create compartments alongside the main camera set-up for additional lenses, flash or other accessories. There is a large front pocket that is perfect for personal effects, a rear pocket for flat accessories and a removable. Double-sided. It is carried by an attached, heavily padded, adjustable shoulder strap.



Product Details



  • 曼富图相机防护系统
  • 便携性与功能性结合
  • 优质物料
  • 多个外袋方便收纳个人物品



曼富图Active便携者斜肩挎包A2是为摄影发烧友而设计的摄影包。隔层能容纳带手柄单反相机一机三镜(最大70-200mm f/2.8接上)及少量个人物品。下方坚硬防护面料及加厚隔板随时随刻保护器材安全。巧妙运用反光度不一的面料,搭配碳纤维配饰,编织出高端意大利设计的外观。行走时以收紧带把包固定在身后,拍摄时把包转到身前快速取出相机。配搭防雨衣。




重量 910 g
系列 Advanced系列
拍摄设备 单反相机
镜头数 3
三脚架连接 No
个人物品存储空间 No
颜色 黑色
材质 尼龙
外部高度 32 厘米
外部长度 40 厘米
外部宽度 18 厘米
内部高度(H) 31 厘米
内部长度(L) 30 厘米
内部宽度(W) 17 厘米



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