A good tripod, more importantly than anything helps improve the results you get from your camera by holding it much more steady than you can yourself, making photos sharper and allowing you to concentrate more on catching the right scene at the right moment. It also gives you the flexibility to use camera settings (like low ISO, for example) that produce better quality images, and holds the camera still for longer exposures in low light among other things. That is exactly what Manfrotto's array of tripods have to offer you.


The Manfrotto Cine/Video Dolly is designed for use with tripods with spiked feet. This dolly features individually braked 5" wheels with cable guards and a unique leg-locking system. Doorway clearance needed for the fully assembled Dolly is only 44.1". Heavy duty, super sturdy dollies are designed for use with large still and video tripods. They feature large 127mm individually braked wheels with cable guards. Folds for transporting with ability to accept spiked tip tripods.

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  • 重型脚轮,极为稳定
  • 为大型静置摄像三脚架而设计
  • 大型的127mm单独制动脚轮,带防滑索
  • 可接带脚钉的三脚架
  • 可折叠方便运输



材质 铝合金
底座类型 平底
颜色 黑色
安全承重 60 公斤
重量 5940 g



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