If photography is a dance, a tripod is merely the right outfit worn, whereas the camera as the star of the show. It’s performance matters, but without the right connections in coordinating limb movements, it would be difficult for the right shot to be captured. A tripod head serves that purpose of connecting the two, giving the photographer freedom in capturing moments after moments, immortalising memories. Allowing fast framing changes, as well as managing friction well, a good tripod is designed to alleviate the worries of the perfect shot.

Perfect for the amateur photographer.

The Manfrotto 492 Micro Ball Head is an all-purpose ball head, designed for east travel, giving amateur photographers the option of a small and light companion. Sturdy to balance a compact and small DLSR camera, the instrument features an all-aluminium construction with elliptic holes, purposed to it’s reduce weight.

Locking system.

At the heart of this instrument is a tough ball that pan the camera smoothly into position. Though only a single control, you will be able to accomplish complete 360° pans and ±90° tilts, fast even movements, and instantly locking off in any position. This head is suitable for point & shoot cameras.

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  • All purpose ball head designed for CSCs
  • Single locking knob for 360°pan and +/-90°tilt movement
  • 50mm platform with 1/4'' thread attachment
  • 3/8'' female attachment at the bottom
  • Supports up to 2 kg


重量 140 g
安全承重 2 公斤
材料 铝合金
云台类型 球型云台
顶部接口 1/4英寸螺丝
底座直径 35 毫米
快装板类型 fixed - with 1/4-20" screw
阻尼控制 No
前后俯仰 -90° / +90°
侧向倾斜 -90° / +90°
全景旋转 360
Ball Diameter 19 毫米
球体锁定 Yes
颜色 黑色
Easy Link No
独立摇摄锁 no
独立俯仰锁 no
最高工作温度 60 C
最低工作温度 -30 C
Pan Bars Included No
摇摄阻尼 NONE
快速释放 No
工作高度 6 厘米
俯仰阻尼 NONE



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