With the many different needs of a photographer, equipment should be the least of their worries in capturing the right images. Manfrotto’s mission is to perfect the making of the best instruments in the highest quality, refined to suit your many photography needs. The Manfrotto 454 Micropositioning Sliding Plate one of those instruments, designed not for just any photographer, but ideally to suit the needs for macro photography.

Slide backwards and forward with ease.

Giving photographers the best option on capturing objects, the Manfrotto 454 Micropositioning Sliding Plate enables the camera to be positioned before the object at a very fine distance. The slide assembly on this instrument allows the camera to slide backwards and forwards with ease.

Positioning accurately.

The sliding plate is redesigned to give you a fingertip control for hairbreadth positioning. A measuring ruler is made available on the side of the instrument. Suited well for focus photography, capture even more accurate shots, by interlocking two different plates at a 90 degree angle of each other, giving you the freedom of a full lateral, forward and back movement.

Lightweight and friendly.

Made from durable aluminium, this instrument is lightweight, and easily fits on to any tripod, and any other tripod head. A simple lock-release lever quickens the set up process, making this instrument friendly and easy to be used.

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  • 带有按钮控制的滑动板,可实现超精定位
  • 锁定装置简单快捷
  • 两块定位板可成90度互锁
  • 适合微距摄影
  • 1/4英寸和3/8英寸螺纹接口


重量 520 g
材质 铝合金
颜色 黑色
安全承重 8 公斤
附件长度 180 厘米
接口类型 1/4英寸螺丝, 3/8英寸螺丝



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