Getting the right sliding plate adaptor is important. It not only gets your camera connected the right way onto the tripod head, but it also holds secure the camera in its place, giving you the assurance and confidence in moving your camera into different directions on the tripod.

One adaptor, many heads.

Replacing the 3273 Sliding Plate model, the Manfrotto 357 Sliding Plate Adaptor is compatible with the 526 Pro Video Head, and many other heads as well, giving you the freedom to attach your camera onto many other different supports. This adaptor also gives you the choice to be attached to not only tripods but also on monopods.

Quick release.

A quick release system is in place on this adaptor, giving it not only one but two safety systems, to not only secure tight your camera on to the tripod, but also giving it a perfect balance.

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SKU 357

Replaces 3273
  • 快装板转接装置
  • 快速地卸下云台上的相机并安装到其他的支撑设备上
  • 2个1/4英寸,2个3/8英寸相机螺丝
  • 铝合金制造



重量 330 g
材质 铝合金
快装板类型 357PLV
底座类型 平底
颜色 黑色
附件长度 101 厘米
接口类型 1/4英寸螺丝, 3/8英寸螺丝
快速释放 Yes



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