Strong, sturdy and reliable, the Triman tripod is the ideal studio tripod, perfect for cameras up to medium format. The geared center column has a non roll-back feature and has a threaded 3/8'' mount on the bottom of the column to allow low angle shots. Twin shank leg design, built-in spirit level and rubber feet with retractable spikes are standard features. The tripod uses a center column strut design for added stability.



Based in Northern Italy at Cassola, Manfrotto designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of camera lighting support equipment for the professional photographic, film, theater, live entertainment and video markets. The product line includes an extensive range of camera tripods and heads, lighting stands and accessories. It has become a tradition of Manfrotto to continually invest in the latest technology together with constant assessment of the product range, production needs and consumer trends to maintain the highest standard of quality at all stages.

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大型影楼三脚架 不带云台


Replaces 3246, 3046
  • 齿轮中轴具有不收缩的特性
  • 中轴底部有3/8''螺纹口,可进行低角度拍摄
  • 双节脚架
  • 配有中置伸展器和肩带
  • 内置气泡水平仪,可伸缩橡胶脚钉



SKU 028B
材质 铝合金
脚管类型 双腿
脚锁类型 扭锁
闭合长度 82 厘米
最大高度 227 厘米
最小高度 77 厘米
底座类型 平底
延伸器 中置固定臂长
颜色 黑色
安全承重 12 公斤
最大高度(中轴放下) 179 厘米
重量 4100 g
气泡水平仪(个数) 1
中轴 齿轮
推荐脚轮 181B
顶部接口 3/8英寸螺丝
最高工作温度 60 C
最低工作温度 -30 C
脚管直径 25, 20, 19 毫米



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SKU: 028B