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千皮树蜜英文为Melaleuca. 乃与纽西兰的Manuka蜂蜜,原自于同一类树,同一类花朵.只是不同于生长地, 不同气候.Manuka出于纽西兰而Melaleuca出于马来西亚马六甲和登嘉楼州.
千皮树蜜(Melaleuca Honey)或Manuka Honey 是蜜蜂采集于千层树花朵中的花蜜,在养殖场中,蜜蜂在于周遭都是千层树的养殖场当中,蜜蜂就采集千层树花朵中的花蜜,千层树生长在沼泽林一带,喜热及潮湿的泥土。千皮蜜中的花味较重,比起一般蜜,千皮蜜色泽较浓香,入口即尝到浓郁的花香味!

蜂蜜 � Pure Honey � Madu Asli�
-保养肝藏, 润肺止咳, 改善便秘, 消除疲劳,增强体力,改善贫血,调节血糖浓度, 修复肝脏细胞,解酒后 头痛, 钙吸收,美容养颜,养生益寿。

-Is has a favorable effect on asthma, bronchitis, allergies, combat headache & high blood pressure.�
-It helps to improve our digestive system & give the skin smoothness &: tenderness, clears skin disorders, fastens the healing of wounds & brings to normal gastric juice acidity.

membantu melegakan selsema, melancarkan penghadaman, memberi tenaga, membuang angin dalam badan, melancarkan sistem pundi kencing & perut juga boleh menghilangkan jeragat pada kulit. Membuang toksin, boleh mengurangkan berat badan & mencegah masalah sembelit. Memberi kita antibiotik semulajadi, mengurangkan letih, sakit sendi/otot, memberi tenaga.

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Honey is the natural sweet substance produced by honeybees from the nectar of blossoms or from the secretion of living parts of plants or excretions of plant sucking insects on the living parts of plants, which honeybees collect, transform and combine with specific substances of their own, store and leave in the honey comb to ripen and mature.

History of Honey
The history of honey is rich in tradition. This ancient substance has been used for food, drinks, medicine, gifts for the gods, barter, cosmetics, cooking, food preservation, cosmetics, art, etc. It has been used in religion, art, mythology, legends and literature as well as studied by scientist.

The oldest written reference to the use of honey is thought to be Egyptian, of about 5500BC. At that time Lower Egypt was called Bee Land while Upper Egypt was Reed Land. Honey was a valuable commodity used widely in trade-in the accounts of Seti I (1314-1292BC) 110 pots of honey were equivalent in value to an ox.
The use of honey was taken to India by its Aryan invaders and became associated with religious rites. Honey is also mentioned on ancient Submarine clay tablets, possibly even older than the Egyptian reference. Later Babylonian tablets give recipes for “electuaries” – medicines based on honey. An electuary mentioned in the 1st century AD by the Roman Writer Pliny the Elder included powdered bees. It was said to be a cure for dropsy and bladder stones. In 1800 some archaeologists working in Egypt found a large jar of honey. They opened it and found that it tasted perfect even though it was thousands of years old. 

使用蜂蜜是由它的雅利安入侵者带到印度并成为与宗教仪式有关。蜂蜜也被提及古代海底泥板,甚至可能比埃及的参考老。后来巴比伦片给食谱“干药糖剂” - 药品的基础上蜂蜜。由罗马作家普林尼在公元1世纪提及的冲剂长辈包括粉状蜜蜂。有人说是水肿,膀胱结石治愈。 1800年考古学家一些在埃及工作中发现一大罐蜂蜜。他们打开它,发现它的味道完美的,即使它是几千年历史。

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