• M-PROLABS ALPHA CAPSULE - improve Virility Hormone ( Testosterone ) naturally without any side effects in the long term  
  • Provide additional energy for sports activities , heavy work or conjugal relationship
  • This herb has long been practiced by our ancestors since time immemorial in Malaysia

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What is Alpha Capsule?

Alpha Capsule TESTOSTERONE BOOSTER is a type made from 100% blend of herbs selected through a scientific study by M-PROLABS US RESEARCH

Who Should Use It?

Anyone aged above 21 years who want to ensure the health and intelligence themselves at optimal levels at all times. (Sports activities of endeavor, vigor and health immunization levels)

I Have Another Supplement, Can I Take At The Same Time?

Yes, because it is made from a blend herbs.

Does a Cardiovascular patient can use Alpha Capsule?

Yes, because Alpha Capsule specially created to reduce the level of blood sugar, boost the blood circulation and restore masculinity or ensure the individual's own masculinity at an optimal level.

What Side Effects Using Alpha Capsule?

No, because it is made from 100% organic herbs.

How Long Does It Take Time To Reveals Positive Impact?

Clinical tests have proven that individuals who use this product will be able to feel the difference within 2 weeks and the average of them can increase the level of 'testosterone LEVEL' up to 400% within 2 weeks

What advantages of having high 'Testosterone Level' ?

For men, the optimal level of testosterone plays an important role in the development of reproductive tissues such as the testis and prostate, and it can take care of libido, increase muscle building strong and health / bone strength 

How Can I Make Sure This Product Really Really Work As Told?

Individuals can get 'testosterone LEVEL CHECK' in any clinic before using this product and come back to check after 2 weeks, or after a month of using this product. We believe the result will be very different

What is the suitable time to consume the product?

In the morning after breakfast and at night before bed or after dinner. (Be sure to lay a little stomach with food and drink plain water as much as possible in daily activities)

I Have Problems Serious Mental Energy, Product Can It Help?

God willing! Because there are individuals who have erectile problems for years and libido surprised as 'weapon' as they got back in action after consuming this product in just a few weeks

I'm now into bodybuilding, What Effects Can I See When Trying This Product?

After 23 weeks, individuals will be able to feel the level of intelligence in terms of increased mental and physical, can see changes in the Quality Muscle Gaining and Muscle Toning of before and after use

What Is The Difference Between 'Hormone Injections' With Alpha Capsule?

Hormone injections or 'Testosterone Injection' is a synthetic hormone injections, and when it's excessive, factory testosterone in your body will slowly stop the 'Natural Production' because the presence of external testosterone. Unlike the Alpha Capsule, they are designed to help 'Factory Testosterone' produce 'Natural Production' at the optimal level at all times

How about the Alpha Capsule Dosage?

Take 2 capsules a day. 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule in the evening after dinner. Can also take 2 capsules in the morning after a meal.


T & C

1) No cancellation allowed upon product had been delivered to customer.

2) Product is exchangable due to circumstances i.e. defect product / expiry date.


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