Lozes Angel Sanitary napkins are specially developed primarily to women's needs and best health protection .Negative Ions in LOZES Angel sanitary napkins can increase the amount of oxygen in the air, oxygen can also kill the harmful anaerobic bacteria and help to activate our cells. Nano-Silver with good antibacterial effect and can help to kill the bacteria,prevent reflux of bacteria that causing infection and also to reduce odors . While the Far-Infrared can promote blood circulation, activate physiological function.

Characteristics :-

Eliminate Bacteria
Adjust Physiological function
Improve gynecological diseases
Dry and fresh
Breathable or air permeable
Rapid absorption
No backflow
Super leak proof protection
99.99% eliminate bacterial capabilities

Safety Certification :-
ISO 9001:2008 Standard

ISO 14001:2004 Standard

OHSAH 18001:1999 Standard

Sanitation Execution Standard : GB 15979-2002

Product Execution Standard : GB/T 8939-2008

Passed the Malaysia USM heavy metal examination

Passed the Malaysia ASL microorganism examination

Passed the Singapore heavy metal examination

Passed the Singapore PSB microorganism.

Passed the requirements of Textile Industry Quality Supervision Center for Chemical Fiber Product. Passed the Testing / Calibration Laboratory of Shanghai with detection of 6030 pics/cm3 concentration of Negative Ions.


Product Details

Package Inclusive of :-
8 pads Night sanitary Napkin
8 pads Extra Long sanitary Napkin
20 pads Day sanitary Napkin
60 pads Panty Liner


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