There are a lot of skin problems, you need the same Almighty skincare. Upgraded version Doctorcos amino acid ribose Mask (2nd generation) more powerful! Lasting moisturizing 100 hours! Speed injected skin nutrients, enhance the skin moisture of 98%, uses a lot, face, neck, hands, feet, legs, body parts are available, efficient and relieve pressure on the skin, improving the appearance of fine lines, pores while firming upgrade!
• Product Name: doctorcos amino acid ribose pay ...
• whether the special purpose cosmetics: No
• Mask Category: Sleep disposable type
• Specifications Type: Normal size
• Efficacy: antioxidant bright color White Water moisturizing whitening moisture damage repair
• Suitable for: all skin types
• Brand: doctorcos
• mask a single product: the amino acid ribose replenishment sleep mask
• Origin: South Korea
Product Description:
1. Provide skin immune function, regulation of water, acid-base balance oil, to improve the ability of anti-sensitive skin and prevent wrinkles from occurring.
2. Activate skin cells peroxidase, superoxide dismutase activity, get rid of excess skin cells free radicals, effectively delay skin aging.
3. Activate the macrophage phagocytosis, has strong detoxification, detoxification function of the lymphatic system, effectively blocking the outside skin against harmful substances. The ability to improve skin allergy, and the body of harmful substances and aging cells break down excretion.
4. can occur within bran divalent metal ion chelation reaction, stop excessive divalent metal ions and skin collagen crosslinking role in maintaining adequate collagen and elastic fibers, skin smooth, delicate and resilient.
Can improve the appearance of fine lines, whitening, moisturizing, pores, skin repair, improve sensitivity, moisturizing and firming the skin.
Amino acids: easier to be absorbed by the skin, quick metabolism and strengthen the skin, the skin has a better moisturizing ability.
Hyaluronic acid: an internationally recognized best moisturizing ingredients, efficient and improve skin moisture.
Epidermal growth factor EGF: epidermal tissue repair, lock in moisture and promote skin regeneration.
Water-soluble vitamins B3: can remove free radicals and inhibit the formation of melanin, the effective US soft white muscle.
Royal jelly protein: rich in diverse nourishing ingredients that can repair skin deep moisturizing at the same time, the consolidation of imperial power since the skin, delay skin aging.
The 1-2mm mask painted on the face, eyes and neck position, gently massage for 15 minutes to allow the skin to absorb nutrients instantly, without washing. And can and BB cream, foundation used in conjunction with an increase in the water there 110ml capacity! Use about a half dose - the amount of two months.

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  3. Wrong items from what you have ordered.


  1. Minor loose threads, irregular fold or wrinkle produced by crumpling, color differs slightly from the pictures shown online.
  2. Item design is slightly different from the picture displayed (e.g. button, pocket, or tag)
  3. Transparent slightly or bad odor.
  4. Size measurement differs about 1-3cm only.
  5. Customers who did not inform us and return the product directly will be rejected.
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