Package dimensions: 22 x 16 x 5.5
Dimensions: 13 x 4.3 x 3.5
Package weight: 350g
Body weight: 100g
Rechargeable design: in-line power supply type and battery
Package Built: Barber host 1pcs, positioning comb 2pcs, charger 1pcs, lubricating oil bottle, cleaning brush 1pcs, Wai cloth

Product Details

Product 8 big selling point display:

1. Diamond Technology

2. The world's first silver ion body

3. imported nano titanium ceramic heads

4. High-power subwoofer design

5. ergonomic design

6. Energy saving

7. removable head

8. R type obtuse Security


Performance Highlights Show


1 : Green

More health: the world's first silver ion fuselage Barber (Korean authorities detected by the anti-bacterial rate of 99.9%)


2 : super power

High-speed motor, 5500 rpm, powerful, for card issuing say "NO"


3 : ultra quiet

1. In the 48-55 decibel sound (the sound of a normal conversation)

2. When the baby can sleep haircut (let the baby like haircut)

Common decibel reference specializes in manufacturing, low bass shock (10 db decibel alarm clock ticking leaves falling 20-40 40-60 decibels normal conversation 70 db 80 db fan blowing cars)


4 : Security Barber protection

1. Patented soft coating positioning comb, effective isolation, do not hurt the baby tender skin

2. imported titanium ceramic heads, professional head, how to use will not heat,

1. 3. "R" angle heads, close to the skin during the operation will not cause harm, new mothers are not afraid of hurting the baby


5 : high quality raw materials

1. 1. imported high quality material

Lamy Barber selection and production process, full traceability, strict mother with the rest assured.

1. Procurement Cengcengbaguan, baby skin tender, more sensitive to a variety of materials, Lamy Barber body material use only the initial material, and resolutely resist recycled materials


6 : Perfect Body

1. streamlined fuselage, a better grasp

2. feel good, caring slip


7 : Simple operation

1. 1.4 gear position, without technology, easy Barber

6-speed positioning comb: (3mm comb, 6mm combs, 9mm comb, 12mm comb)

1. anytime and anywhere that baby haircut


8 : Super performance

High quality, more durable

Selection of materials, higher quality, more durable life. 0-12-year-old baby can be used, so that love with your baby healthy growth


1. Segment: Official Continuity life test> 180 + hours, the average family can use 2--3 years

2. Motor: Official Continuity life test> 300+ hours (continuous use under a load of 1.8-3.0V)

3. Switch: Official Continuity life test> 10000+ views


9 : full set of accessories

Barber Complete Solution

(With a full set of exhibits show map)


10 : official certification

Multiple certification, quality assurance

Certificate showing: quality management system access card, appliances 3C certification, product inspection certificate, the appearance of patent certificates, brand registration certificate and so on ... the overall supervision of a third party, allowing mothers to buy rest assured that with the peace of mind


Let every child to spend health, environmental protection, comfort and beauty products, it is our responsibility and mission.



1. 1. Do not contact with the acid-base solution

2. 2. on the reach of children

3. 3. This product is the body's heat during charging is normal

T & C

refer to standard term & condition


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