Length =57cm
Burst =88cm
Shoulder Width =32cm
Waist =86cm
Bottom Width =96cm
Sleeve Witdh=22cm
Sleeve Length=55cm
Without Elastic


Length =58cm
Burst =96cm
Shoulder Width =33cm
Waist =92cm
Bottom Width =96cm
Sleeve Witdh=24cm
Sleeve Length=56cm
Without Elastic


Length =59cm
Burst =92cm
Shoulder Width =34cm
Waist =95cm
Bottom Width =102cm
Sleeve Witdh=24cm
Sleeve Length=56cm
Without Elastic


Length =61cm
Burst =96cm
Shoulder Width =36cm
Waist =94cm
Bottom Width =98cm
Sleeve Witdh=22cm
Sleeve Length=58cm
Without Elastic

T & C

~Customer Care- Return & Exchange Policy

Returns & Exchange Description
If you received 【Defects Item】or 【Wrong Item】,we will bear the extra transportation cost.
We will detailed inspection and take the photo for the goods before shipment, and we will not accept returns & exchange if the return goods status does not match with the photo.
We are only accept goods exchange as below:

Defects Item
Defects Definition- Goods Broken, Large Dirt, Cloth Accessories  Drop and something happen affect the wear.

Wrong Item
We must solemnly apologize with you about received wrong item, please contact customer service center  as soon as possible, and we will be immediately   to handle follow-up matters for you.

Returns & Exchange Must Know
1. If personal factors cause to excessive returns or exchange, L.A Story Fashion will be based on the Terms of Service, suspend or terminate all or part of your shopping and service eligibility.
2. If you are buying next to the skin goods (such as bikini, underwear, socks, legging  ,etc ), to protect the interests of customers and based on personal hygiene , we are  not provide return service.
3. Thread, slightly off-line, small stain, 2 ~ 3cm size error, the screen color different, grommets not open, buttons a little loose, personal touch cognitive (wool itching, etc.), commodities initial dye smells and off, in scope of the international inspection standards are part of an acceptable, does not belong to defects.
4. We are only accept one time returns & exchange service in single order, free gift, documentation must be sent together with goods.
5. To save your waiting time to replace the goods. We  only retreat  and does not replacement  the goods, if you have a replacement requirements, please order again after returns.
6. The returns handling processing times  after  received your returned merchandise is about 3 to 5 working days ,and  refund will be issue in 3 working days after confirmation job completed.

Return Procedure
1. Issue Goods ReturnE-mail to customer service, told to apply for goods return, and provide order number of goods, product item code, and please attach a goods status photo.


Phone: 018-7706388
2. Send Back GoodsCustomer service will arrange courier service take  goods from your place or you may send back by POSLAJU.
3. RefundAfter complete acceptance, you will receive Discount Codeby email in 3 working days, please contact customer service if no receive it.

heartWarm Remindheart
1. If does not meet the specification of seven days cooling period, it will be unable to accept returns.
2. If no apply for goods returns from customer service, we will not to accept goods return.
3. Combined merchandise (ex.3 pieces RM100 ), please return the entire group to return, single goods return will not be accepted.
4. If the original order amount less than the standards in free shipping fees / does not meet requirement of order activity after goods returns, all promotion , discount and benefit for the original order will  be synchronized to cancel (Ex: over RM300 discount RM30), free gifts please be returns together with.

~客户服务 -退換條款
• 退換貨說明

• 瑕疵定義:商品破損、大片髒污、綴飾掉落等嚴重影響穿著的情況。
• 請在收到商品的七日鑑賞期內檢查,以電郵聯絡客服中心並附上商品照片,將立即為您處理後續退換事宜。


Phone: 018-7706388
• 關於收到錯誤商品,我們必須與您鄭重道歉,造成您的不便。請儘快與客服中心聯繫,將立即為您處理後續退換事宜。

1.如因個人因素退貨次數過多,L.A Story Fashion將依據服務條款,暫停或終止您全部或部份的購物與服務資格,敬請見諒。

3. 【退款】完成受理後,您将在1到7個工作日内收到Logon退款,如無收到請聯繫客服。

3.組合式商品 (ex.3件100元),退貨請整組退貨,不受理單一件退貨。
4.若退貨後原訂單金額降低而未達免運標準/不符訂單活動門檻者,則原訂單將加計公告運費/ 活動優惠將會同步取消 (Ex:滿300現折30)、滿額禮贈品請一併寄回。



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