LiverMate DIY Package- 1) Oxymate - 3 sachets x 8g.  2) Purify Detox Oil - 2 bottles x 75ml.  3) Organic Prune Exract - 2 bottles x 50ml.

4) Organic Barley Grass Juice+Probiotics - 20 sachets x 6g.  5) Apple Cider Vinegar - 400ml.  6) Date Liquid Sugar - 400ml.


NEOBIO LiverMate DIY Package is a dietary supplement. Specifically designed to effectively and painlessly remove of toxins and stones, naturally, from the liver and gallbladder to rejuvenate these two vital organs. This meal package is mixed and packed according to the ideal ration for your detoxification program to achieve total health.

NEOBIO 肝胆健康DIY配套是一种食物排毒补充品。特别设计以帮助肝胆净化,它可无痛又自然地将肝胆两大主要器官的毒素和污渍(胆石)排出。这食物补充品是以最完美的比例搭配,让排毒效果达到全面的健康。



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