Lifeline Compressor Nebulizer NBB04
  • Portable, easy and simple to use for Homecare and Clinical Use
  • Aerosol compressor for dispertion of medications
  • For all age categories

Power Source: 220V/50Hz

Power Consumption: 75W

Sound Level: 58dB

Air Flow Range: 12LPM

Particle Size Range: Less Than Microns

Product Descriptions:

This unit is compact, simple to operate and convenient to carry. It uses a non-oil lubricating, single-cylinder piston pump to create air pressure.

Air flows through the air filter into the nebulizer’s air compressor unit, out the jet outlet, and then through the nebulizer.

The NBB04 Nebulizer is intended to aerosolize physician-prescribed solutions for inhalation that are approved for nebulization. The NBB04 Nebulizer is intended for adult and pediatric patients consistent with the indications for the aerosol medication. The NBB04 Nebulizer is not intended for life support nor does it provide any patient monitoring capabilities.

How To use:

1. Place compressor on a stable, sturdy and flat surface such that the unit can be easily reached when you are seated.

2. Pull out the power cord from the base of the unit and make sure that the unit is in the “OFF” (O) position by pressing on the left side of the switch.

3. Plug the power cord into a 230VAC/50Hz,220VAC/50Hz wall outlet.

4. Connect one end of the nebulizer tubing into the air outlet connector.

5. Add the prescribed medication through the opening on cap using an eyedropper or pre-measured dose container.

6. Assemble mouthpiece and T-piece and insert into the top of the nebulizer cap. If an aerosol mask is used, connect the bottom of the mask to the top of the nebulizer cap.

7. Connect the tubing to nebulizer air inlet connector.


NOTE: Clean the Nebulizer set after every use and at least once a day.

1. Turn the power off and unplug from the wall outlet.

2. Remove the tubing from the air inlet.

3. Disassemble mouthpiece, T-piece, nebulizer cap, chamber and baffle, and wash in hot water with dish washing soap. Rinse thoroughly.

4. Mix one part of white vinegar with three parts water in a clean container. Submerge mouthpiece. T-piece, nebulizer cap, chamber and baffle cap for one half hour.

5. Remove the components from the solution an let dry.

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