• Organic Korean Boseong Green Tea and Aloe Vera help soothe the scalp and cool down the heat on the scalp. 
  • -KFDA (Korea Food and Drug Administration) approved as a quasi-drug
  • .-Zinc Pyrithione helps remove dandruffs and improve hair density.
  • -It helps soothe and nourish sensitive and dry scalp. 
  • -It creates an optimum scalp environment for anti-hair loss and anti-aging hair.

Product Details

Efficacy & effect: Prevention of hair loss, Hair growth
Age Complex- Soothe, improve scalp and treat hair loss as well as providing an anti-aging function to hair  Organic Boseong Green Tea, Aloe extract – Through an increase in scalp elasticity anti-aging, hydration, cooling heat, scalp revitalization, and removal of sebum and waste
Age Scalp Shampoo Liquid
Use once a day as follows:
1. Gully get hair and scalp wet with tepid water.
2. Full get hair and scalp taking a suitable amount on hands 
3. Evenly apply to hair and scalp to make foams taking a suitable amount on hands.
4. Rinse off with tepid water in 2~3 minutes.


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