兰吉儿绿茶醒肤紧致冰镇化妆水 150ml

L'EGERE Pure Green Tea Wake-Up & Firming Ice Toner 150ml



L'egere pure green tea wake up & firming ice toner 150ml 绿茶醒肤紧致冰镇化妆水


Green Tea is excellent for the quality of your skin! 87% Green Tea Water revives dry, stressed skin by supplying abundant moisture. The ice agent of the spray provides green tea ice to sooth the swollen face and wake-up the flabby skin! Nourishing for all skin types, especially oily and acne-prone skin!



- Control and regulates oils、Tightens pores、

- Provides transparent skin、Makeup finishing and moisturizing


- 控油调理,毛孔紧缩,肌肤透亮,定妆保湿!

[冰镇喷头设计] - 瞬间喷出有如极地冰霜喷雾,瞬间冷却肌肤,达到肌肤紧致调理!

- 早晨睡醒赶走抛抛脸
- 下班赶摊唤醒疲倦脸
- 拍照前紧致小V脸
- 每日按摩赶走大饼脸


FREE 6 pieces L'EGERE Quality Cotton (on pack)


L'egere pure green tea wake up & firming ice toner 150ml 绿茶醒肤紧致冰镇化妆水

*While Stocks Last. 送完即止


L'egere pure green tea wake up & firming ice toner 150ml 绿茶醒肤紧致冰镇化妆水  L'egere pure green tea wake up & firming ice toner 150ml 绿茶醒肤紧致冰镇化妆水

- 油性痘痘肌, 毛孔粗大, 倦容、暗沉肌肤

- Oily / acne skin, large pores, fatigue or dull skin




1. Shake 4~5 times before using

2. Spray directly on facial cotton

3. Press the facial cotton gently onto the entire face, to provide instant cooling and moisturizing effect

L'egere pure green tea wake up & firming ice toner 150ml 绿茶醒肤紧致冰镇化妆水


1. 使用前先均瑶4~5下

2. 直接喷于化妆棉上

3. 将冰霜轻轻按压冰敷全脸,为肌肤即时降温及保湿调理

L'egere pure green tea wake up & firming ice toner 150ml 绿茶醒肤紧致冰镇化妆水



- Do not spray on face directly in short distance!

- If you wish to spray onto face directly, spray in the distance of more than 30cm.

- 请勿近距离直接喷洒于脸部!

- 若欲喷洒,请在距离30cm以上喷洒,可达定妆效果。



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