All medical experts promote that prevention is better than cure.
Thus, lefiner orthotics was born.


The new orthotic experience that begins
from the comfort of your feet.


87% human diseases arise from uneven foot arches and long term misalignment of the body. Some people are born with problematic foot structures, but more grew up without realizing that they have a misaligned skeletal system. As they grow older (30 or 40 years and above), the body? instabilities become physically evident and bodily ailments such as mobility difficulty begin to surface. In worse cases, harmful irregularities on the body? nerves may lead to even serious problems that could put our health at stake. 

Thanks to the invention of foot orthotics, such situations can now be prevented.

Unfortunately, most orthotics in the market come in heavy forms and causes discomfort in walking. Some inferior products may even worsen foot problems. With the aim to curb completely all foot-type problems and to change consumers’ common perception towards orthotics, we created a type of personalized foot orthotic that not only supports your foundation but improves your overall health by evenly distributing your weight and realigning your skeletal system. 


Lefiner orthotics
The birth of a revolutionary design

Personalised foot orthotics that supports your overall well-being


Our ultimate goal is to achieve 87.3% and above in providing foot care and comfort. Not just that, we aimed to create the slimmest, toughest and most durable of all orthotics. After numerous rounds of improvements and integrations, we finally came up with an unbelievable ultra-slim design. With this breakthrough technology from our tech team, our orthotics can instinctively fit into any type of shoes, be it for men or for women, for the old or for the young, it will work its wonders.

  • Nano technology: Blocks UV, negative ions, silver ions
  • Corrects foot arches and readjusts your nervous system
  • Foot acupressure massage and care



  • 纳米技术:远紫外线、负离子、银离子
  • 矫正足弓及调整神经系统
  • 脚底穴位按摩及护理


Product Details



Seamless and innovative design that suits all genders
and ages. Perfection, from the inside out.


Pushing the limits: feather light, ultra-slim
Holds easily over 100kg foot pressure.


To condense such powerful engineering technology into a tiny shoe insert is indeed an enormous challenge in terms of design. But it is this huge challenge that triggered our bold creativity. lefiner orthotics is the result of years of experience gained from manufacturing and designing the perfect orthotics. Be it your sports shoes, sneakers, high heels or boots, lefiner brings out the best of your shoes from the inside out. You don’t have to compromise beauty or comfort, one for another anymore.


Light but powerful. Irresistable. 

Slim and flexible. Barely there.

The curved edges of this integrally molded insole are handcrafted using diamond with ultra fine tolerances down to micrometer level. How much is one micrometer? A strand of hair has a diameter of approximately 75 micrometers – that is how fine it is. Such requirements may seem too stringent, but it is these fine details that makes up to such perfectly engineered orthotics that your feet will enjoy.


T & C

  • Shipping to all Malaysia location including Sabah & Sarawak
  • The item is not refundable.
  • If there is problem with the products, can call customer service.


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