Stem Cell Sebox Sebum Control 
Prevention / Treatment 
We need water and oil to keep our skin healthy. However, oily skin is excessively shiny and will block the root shealth, causing the pore to dilate. If we didn’t take care of the sebum control in our skin, the sebum accumulate underneath the skin will blocked clogged pores and become filled with bacterial and dead skin cells, resulting in skin problems –blackhead/comedo, acne-prone skin, inflammation causes pimples and so on. 
The biological mechanisms known to contribute to blemishes are excess sebum production hyperkeratinization in the hair follicle, sebum oxidation, bacterial proliferation, and immune and inflammatory responses. 
How does the product treat the oily skin and the appearance of imperfections? 
- By limiting hyperkeratinization in the hair follicle 
- By regulating sebum production 
- By delivering anti-oxidants locally and boosting the skin’s natural anti-oxidant defenses 
- By regulating bacterial proliferation and stimulating the antimicrobial peptides 
- By preventing local inflammation and regulating systemic inflammation 
Constantly washing your face will not help to get rid of your shiny skin. You need a product which effectively helps you to keep your skin clean and clear from oily skin. Here, we are introducing you a specially designed non greasy Intensive Serum (Sebum Control), which effectively offers a new possibility for treating oily or acne-prone skin. 
The key active ingredient is derived from the combination of two super-leaves that contains tannins to protect oily and acne-prone skin. This environmentally responsible 
ingredient helps to reduce inflammation by limiting sebum oxidation and thus control sebum production. This serum is an idea daily touch to keep your pores clean and clear. The skin is less oily, resulting in skin that appears fresher, smoother and more radiant. 
The formulation contains:
NO preservative added 
NO mineral oil 
NO lanolin 
NO comedogenic ingredients 
NO animal derived ingredients 
NO colorant 
NO petrolchemicals 
Direction Of Use : After cleansing and toning, dab a small amount onto face and apply gently and evenly to the entire desired areas. For external use only.



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