Phototherapy has been used for centuries.

Back in ancient Greek and ancient Rome people realize that they can use the sunbathe light to ease or cure some simple diseases of human body.
About more than a century ago, a Denmark doctor named NIELS RYBRG GINSEN invented the first instrument that employs optical science, which is used to cure skin tuberculosis and has remarkable curative effect. For his contribution, he was award the Nobel Prize at that time.
The concept of “Photon Skin Rejuvenation” is firstly brought up in the United States. The original meaning is “Photon becomes rejuvenated in old age”. The literal meaning of this concept is that it restores the youth and health with the intense pulsed light (IPL). Nowadays, the photon skin rejuvenation technology is a kind of groundbreaking cosmetology program. The patented IPL technique used in the treatment can remove various pigment and vascular spot on skin and at the same time avoid hurting the normal skin tissue. In addition it can stimulate collagen tissue to proliferate, improve skin elasticity, astringe pores, and remove wrinkles. In this manner, it provides comprehensive skin care treatment, which gives your glowing skin. It provides a safety and non-intrusive method for different status of skin.


Output voltage: DC-15V
Frequency: 50-60HZ
Output frequency: 10W
Package: 22*18*7cm

Light Classification:
1. As we know, there are a lot of lights with different wave-lengths in sunlight, such as infrared light, visible light (including red, orange, yellow, green, black, orchid, purple) ultraviolet light and so on.
2. The LCD Seven Color Photon beautifying device adopts seven kinds of colors in the natural rainbow light wave, applying it as a medical treatment for skin reborn.

3. Each color light has its unique effect to skin:
(1) Red light (R) – activate(wave-length 640nm)
(2) Blue light (B) – relax(wave-length 480nm)
(3) Green light (G) –parallelism(wave-length 518nm)
(4) Purple light (R+B) – drain(wave-length 640nm)
(5) Yellow light (R+G) – protection(wave-length 590nm)
(6) Moon green (G+B) –luminous(wave-length 640nm)
(7) White light(R+B+G) –ducting(wave-length 510nm)

LCD Seven Color Photon Instrument to Beautifying Your Skin LW-012

The high frequency vibration of 1 million times per second can generate ultrasonic waves that could penetrate our skin. When the ultrasonic waves was taken in by our bodies, the sound energy turns into heat energy that can massage skin cells with its warm heat generated gently and imperceptibly, which could enhance capillary blood circulation, facilitate metabolism to absorb nutrition. In the meanwhile, it could improve our immune system, stimulate skin cells and restrain germs’ breed.

The IPL photon emits 400nm-2000nm wavelength light. (It means visible light mix with a small amount of infrared ray.) Without ultraviolet ray, this kind of light is way better than the sunlight which could hurt our skin. It does not burn/tan the skin, and will not lead to skin cancer or hurt your eyes. With longer wavelength, it is way much safer than the laser. Therefore, its penetrability is better. Different from the laser that focuses only on one spot, it covers the whole treatment area with gentle energy. The small amount of infrared ray will increase temperature by only 1-3°C, which is harmless to your skin.

BIO electricity is mild, which is harmless to the skin. It won’t disappear right after the treatment; instead it will last for a short period of time. It will accumulate after each treatment, therefore it can cause certain chemical spread, gather or increase, even change the chemical reaction speed and pattern. For instance, the inflammation of injury, which can accelerate the healing process; anti-aging: promote collagen production; keep you skin moisture and elastic. It also has influence on biological membrane----enhance the permeability. With better conduction and energy conversion, biological membrane could help skin to absorb nutrients more efficiently.




Ultrasonic Skin Care Tips:


Reliable High Frequency Skin Care

 High frequency has been considered a classic and important skin rejuvenating therapy in the skin beauty care industry area, in fact it is known to promote cell revival and also helps with upgraded the absorption and penetration of skin care product, through softly heating the tissues of your skin.


Efficient Ultrasonic Skin Care

The devices with ultrasound could be applied to most areas of your body, such as on your stomach, arms, neck, breasts, hips, waist, legs, as well as buttocks, it’s very useful and convenient, you can even do the treatment easily at your home in a quite comfort mood.


How to prevent the breast gland cancer for ladies?

Guide: Now the cold winter is coming, when we put on the thick clothing to protect our bodies, we should pay attention to protecting the breast. Because the incidence of breast cancer in China continues to increase, so lots of female friends fear the breast cancer greatly. Then in the winter, how should we avoid the breast cancer.


Why to choose our face cleansing brush?

In general, Our Po Bling cleansing brush is the instrument imported from Korean with the good quality,nice effect and we have good competitive price. Even though there are many similar products in the market like PRO-X formulation and Clarisonic. And there are too many replica clarisonic, You can see the Amazon and Ebay ,although there are half price than Clarisonic official website, You can check our products like clarisonic ,check here


Seven magic steps of washing face : Wash away the wrinkles on the face

Guide: As age grows , wrinkles began to appear slowly on our beautiful face. However , are you ready to deal with the presence of wrinkles when it  appear or even haven't appeared? Do you know what kind of detail can affect the appearance of wrinkles?  The beauty editor are now going to provide a lessen for the beautiful girls about how to wash away the wrinkles and make a smooth watery beauty.

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