美国原装进口100%纯精油 Imported from USA 100% Pure Essential Oil   

拥有CPTG 认证纯正调理级®测试的纯精油 Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG)

薰衣草精油   Lavandula angustifolia (15ML)


  • 廣泛用於舒緩的作用舒緩偶爾的皮膚不適
  • 幫助肌膚迅速恢復修復
  • 放鬆頭部和頸部的肌膚緊張


Lavender  Lavandula angustifolia (15ML)

Lavender has been cherished for its unmistakable aroma and therapeutic properties for thousands of years.

Widely used for its calming and relaxing qualities

  • Soothes occasional skin irritations
  • Helps skin recover quickly
  • Eases muscle tension in the head and neck

Product Details


  • 睡前捈抹在脚底和枕头两旁, 帮助入睡
  • 安抚蜜蜂叮咬或虫咬
  • 混入沐浴盐后,放入热水中,享受放松心情的水疗经验
  • 长途旅行时,可擦在手腕上或吸入作用
  • 孩子烦躁易怒时, 擦在背上、手上或脚上,可,舒缓晕机或晕车
  • 轻擦在暴嗮或轻微烫伤的肌肤, 达到舒缓的安抚情绪
  • 安抚敏感肌肤和拔毛后刺痛的毛孔
  • 在搽护唇膏之前,涂在干裂的嘴唇上
  • 与薄荷精油调和,按摩头皮,促进头发的健康
  • 加在乳液中,用来局部按摩,纾解压力


Applying Methods :

  •  Apply to the bottom if feet or on a pillow before sleeping
  •  Use to calm reactions to a bee sting or bug bite
  •  Use with bath salts for relaxing spa bathing experience
  •  Apply to wrists or inhale when travelling to ease motion upset
  •  Lightly apply to soothe irritated skin
  •  Apply to back, ,hands, or feet of a restless or agitated child
  •  Use to calm and soothe minor skin irritations.
  •  Calm sensitive skin and soothe pores after hair removal
  •  Apply to dry, chapped lips before applying lip balm
  •  Use with Peppermint for a healthy scalp massage
  •  Add to lotion for a stress-relieving hand massage

T & C

  • Strictly non returnable 
  • This item ships nationwide, inclusive of Pen Malaysia, Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan
  • Delivery duration is depends on logistic, generally range from 3-7 working days.


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