Home laser epilator

Brand:Lobe Moky

Model: 910/920
Epilation times: 200,000 times
Accessories: charger + goggles + 2 laser heads
  1) Plug in the power, when the right side of the indicator is red, then press the start button will switch to the left indicator light turns blue, this time indicates that the product has been started.
2) Make the laser head on the skin, after the left and right sides until light blinks to indicate the product is ready, press the button on the handle to work.
  3) +/- button to adjust the intensity.
Laser hair removal is based on the selective dynamics of light and heat, by properly regulate energy pulse laser wavelength, the laser will be able to pass through the skin surface to reach the root of hair follicles, light can be absorbed and converted to heat damage the hair follicle tissue, so that the ability to regenerate lost hair while may damage the surrounding tissue, tingling light technology. Laser hair removal is a safe and efficient long-term to the hair technology.
1, laser hair removal of all hair removal methods in pain a method of hair removal is relatively small, most people just "rubber band is playing to the" feeling.
2, the advantages of laser hair removal is very thorough hair removal by laser can penetrate to the deep dermis and subcutaneous adipose tissue, acting on different parts of the depth of the hair follicle, effectively removing any part of the body the hair depth.
3, the advantages of laser hair removal will not harm the skin.
4, the advantages of laser hair removal hair removal pigmentation after comparison is very close to our skin.
5, the advantages of laser hair removal is speed.
Warranty Type :Local Supplier Warranty
Warranty Period:1 Year


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