Introducing stherb lady secret serum. Its propriety blend of all natural herbs will turn back the clock to restore youth,suppleness and firmness to a woman's feminine charm. Experience the difference in just 10 minutes after application. Say no more to 1) Loose vagina 2) unpleasant odor 3) dryness 4) white discharge  圣荷女士奥妙精华露!!!阴道松弛是女性随着年龄的增长出现的一种生理狀況,阴道松弛严重者会降低夫妻性生活质量,随着现代人们的认识逐渐改变,阴道松弛受到越來越多女性的关注!所以圣苘女士精华露为女士们创设天然草本阴道收紧精华露。你有没有以下困扰?《1》阴道肌肉松弛《2》阴道干涩尤其是更年期者《3》病变分泌物如白帶《4》分泌物異味《5》让夫妻性生活更辛福。

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Application tips: Squeeze 1-2cm onto your finger and apply once daily after shower. its recommended recommended to apply 2-3 times daily for better result. No need to rinse or wipe off. Do not apply during menses.Resume application after menses is totally stop.使用说明:挤于手指1-2厘米后涂于阴道,每天沐浴后应用一次。但建议每天使用2-3次,其效果会更佳!月经期间不能使用,月经完全停止才可使用。适用于2-3公分的深度到阴口,以便幫助收缩阴道的肌肉。主要成份:野葛根,非洲吊灯树,积雪草。


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