Scratch Night View


The Story:

Scratch off to light up the most amazing city night views!

Inspired by scratch-board art, and secret garden series, Scratch Night View been created to be scratched off to reveal another form of view. In this case, a glowing night view.

Each Scratch Night View features a foil layer of hand-drawn sketches which can be scratched off to reveal a new level of color underneath. 

Scratch off to light up windows, buildings and streets. You don't have to trace off all lines. You can also add extra lights, clouds, water reflections on black backgrounds. Unleash your imagination, create your own glowing city view.

The Purpose:
With Scratch Night View, you can relive your favorite travel memories by drawing an entire city view. Preserve memories of beautiful night views without struggling with camera.Besides that, give one-of-a-kind gift for travelers, explorers and home decor lovers and enjoy de-stressing art therapy without stress about your lack of talent.

The Scratch Night View Product Series:
1. New York
2. Hong Kong
3. Las Vegas
4. Budapest
5. London
6. Hamburg
7. Paris
8. Florence
9. Seoul