Get our latest {Wireless Alarm System Vedo S2} for your condo to be secure 24hours every single day with no worries! Protecting your loved one & valuables start now!


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Package items:-
* Control console x 1 unit
* Remote control x 2 units
* Motion detector x 1 unit
* Door/ Window Magnetic Sensor x 1 unit
* Power adaptor x 1 unit

1 year warranty

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Are you worried when you leave your home for a quick weekend getaway or long vacation? When you return home and found out that your house was broken into can be downright devastating. I think every house need to install an alarm system at least for every day protection regardless of you are travelling or not. As you know that the crime rates are going up so it’s better to take extra precautions. Are you looking for a reliable home security alarm system with user friendly features, wireless and affordable price. So recently, let me introduced ONVIA VEDO S2 Wireless Alarm System to you.  


It time for a little DIY! ONVIA VEDO S2 is a GSM / SMS wireless and full-featured home security alarm system with the technology from Korea. We can install the alarm system ourselves in just a few minutes. It can deliver years of dependable and secure protection. Plus its advanced wireless technology eliminates the hassle of running wires to detect and sensors. This important as we don’t want our beautiful home to look flaw with those wires running plus it allows for quick and easy installation as well as flexible placement around the house. 

Unboxing the ONVIA VEDO S2 Wireless Alarm System now. It consists of 1 control console, 2 remote control, 1 door magnetic sensor, 1 motion detector, 1 power adaptor, 1 quick start guide and 1 user manual. The extra optional accessories can be purchased separately at affordable prices.

Let go through with you the features of this ONVIA VEDO S2 Wireless Alarm System fist before the installation:-
1. Cellular communication, the 2 way audio can use to talk for easy control
2. Totally wireless, DIY Installation
3. Up to 50pcs sensors & 10 remote controls can be expanded by auto learning
4. Battery Back-up last for 16 Hours to ensure system working properly after power outage Customized Zone Names to recognize the location
5. 2 wired zone specially for smoke/gas/vibration/detector, with IR beams.
6. Auto-dial preset 3 groups of SMS Number & 5 groups of Phone Number
7. Solid state memory keeps data stays after power outage
8. Immediate SMS s for low battery, power outage and power recovery
9. Internal Siren sound & mute mode for optional
10. Tri-band GSM frequency, universal use
Outlook of the set with attractive sleek design. The control console is slim, light and modern design in off-white; which can be fitted into any corner of our home stylishly.

Now it’s time to start installing and use it. As mentioned before this is a very easy DIY home alarm system you can complete it within 15 minutes referring to the Quick Start Guide.

SIM Card for GSM Capabilities
Plug in the power cable on the back of the control console and insert a regular SIM card with credit into the VEDO S2, download the mobile app OnviaVedoS2 from App Store or Google Play.
Please take note that ONVIA VEDO S2 alarm control by app does not need wifi, 3G or LTE. All you need is a normal SIM care for call in or out communication. If you use supplementary SIM card and the downloaded mobile app, communication is free. Meaning there will be no extra data charges. You have remote control of the system at your fingertips via text messages or the mobile app.
2-Way Audio and Can Use to Talk Too
The ONVIA VEDO S2 Wireless Alarm System has 2-Way Audio feature that we can use to talk. We not only can you listen to what is happening inside your house when we are outside of our home we can speak into the system as well. This can actually scared the robbers or guide your kids or family members on what to do in case of emergencies. By using a supplementary SIM card and the downloaded mobile app, communication is free as in no extra data charges will be applied.
Install the Magnetic Sensor on Door. Is so easy & totally wireless.
Install the Magnetic Sensor on window panel
Real Time Alerts
When the alarm system is triggered, you will get a call and a message. You will also get system status messages for power outage, power back up and low batteries. The zones name can be customized by user accordingly. The location can be easily recognized. It can store up to five phone numbers.
The Motion Sensor & Magnetic Sensor of ONVIA VEDO S2 DIY Wireless Alarm System
DIY Installation, Seamless & Wireless
In the package there are 1 motion detector and 1 door / window magnetic sensor, additional accessories can be purchased separately at affordable prices.
The great thing is that there is no wire required to connect the sensor to the control console. Everything is so seamless and wireless because the sensors come with the pre-programmed original kit. Can have up 50pcs sensors.
ONVIA VEDO S2 Mobile App Available on App Store & Google Play
24 Hours Protection
The ONVIA VEDO S2 Wireless Alarm System provides for 24 hours, day and night protection for home and family. Plus this alarm system offers free mobile application that enables to control and configure the system easily via my smart phones whenever or where ever.
Install, Add Account & Start Using the ONVIA VEDO S2 Mobile App
Download ONVIA VEDO S2 Mobile App
Finally downloaded ONVIA VEDO S2 Mobile App on my smart phone. It is free download and available in App Store or Google Play. Next is to signed in or add account and now I can control plus view the system in anywhere using my smart phone. Overall, the mobile app control and system is very user friendly and easy to use. 
Then key in the phone numbers so when the alarm trigger it will send sms so our phone. We can customize the alarm system using the mobile app, such as change the zone names, alarm management, Keyfob SMS and many more. You can have the full access to my home alarm system via my smartphone. 
Overall, the ONVIA VEDO S2 Wireless Alarm System at Home is definitely easy to install, reliable, wireless and affordable. I like the compact and sleek design that fit into any type of home décor. The installation part is fast and fuss free. The best part its wireless and you can control via my smartphone through Onvia Vedo S2 mobile app. 

The product has been awarded as the Best Wireless Alarm System Product Award in the 2014 United Kingdom IFSEC International Security Exhibition.

Onvia is Korea professional technology security solution.It is your best choice.
2014 London top 10 Excellent Dealer Award.
2014 London IFSEC Security Excellent award.
2015 Londaon IFSEC Security Excellent award.
2016 Asia Excellent Branding Award.
2016 Asia Product Quality Award.

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