1. want to lose weight, then recommend cherries, grapefruit, lemon (three is the same as the effect of weight loss tea, but the taste difference only). When the water often feel ready to drink.Not all of a sudden finish. Just for cleaning within four hours drink can (each packet, drink three packs a day). (Cereal flavor also help you lose weight)

2. Constipation people recommend apple tea weight loss drink mix. It can help constipation phenomenon. (A bag of apple before going to bed (around about 100 ml of water), fruit and cereal taste, then drink three packs a day. Probably a pack of about 500 ml of water.

3. want to maintain the body, not particularly want to lose weight, but also likes to drink coffee is not suitable for coffee one containing ingredients, recommended coffee flavor. After a meal or within 30 minutes after eating greasy drink. Coffee flavor is lost feeling the heat, not fat. A pack of about about 100 ml of water.

These three have no problem with drinking. These are not drugs. The main component of large amounts of fruits, green tea extract, a kind of vitamin. Thank you.

1. 想要减肥的话推荐樱桃, 西柚, 柠檬味的(这三个是一样效果减肥茶,只是味道差异而已)。当水感觉经常随时喝。不是一下子喝完。只是为了干净4个小时以内喝可以了(每一包,一天喝三包)。(谷物味也帮助减肥,相同)

2。 有便秘的人推荐苹果味还有其他减肥茶搭配喝的。可以帮助便秘的现象。(睡觉之前一包苹果味(大概100毫升左右水),水果味和谷物味的话一天喝三包。一包大概500毫升左右水。

3. 想要维持身材,不是特别想减肥,还有喜欢喝咖啡可是不适合咖啡含有成分的人,推荐咖啡味的。吃饭后或者吃了油腻后30分内喝的。咖啡味的是减掉热量感觉的,不胖的。一包大概100毫升左右水。










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