BIO ESTER C® PLUS BIOFLAVONOIDS is a patented, most bioavailable form of Vitamin C ever developed. ESTER C® is formulated from non-acidic calcium ascorbate and manufactured using a water-soluble process without the use of alcohol or other harmful solvents. It has better efficacy as this patented process includes vitamin C metabolites, which is very similar to the metabolites synthesized by the body. 

Studies demonstrate that: 
• ESTER C® has better absorption compared to normal Vitamin C due to the high content of metabolite threonate acid 
• ESTER C® is better retained in the body – 2 times longer than normal Vitamin C 
• ESTER C® increases white blood cell ascorbate levels up to 4 times more than normal Vitamin C. Thus, boosting the immune system 
• ESTER C® shows less tendency of forming kidney stones
• ESTER C® is better tolerated because it has a neutral pH and is acid free 

What is it for? 
• Maintains a strong immune system - fight infection, cold & flu 
• Acts as an antioxidant 
• Maintains the structure of connective tissue – aid tissue healing & wound repairing 

*Ideal for smokers, chronic alcoholics, pregnant and lactating women and the elderly who need larger amounts of vitamin C. 

• Bio Ester-C®1000mg - Take 1 tablet daily. 
• Bio Ester-C®500mg - Take 1-2 capsules daily after meal.

Caution: Not to be used in children under 4 years of age without medical advice.


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