Kisyeski body care and body- shapping (8box x 10plasters)

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Benefit of Product


  •         By local sticking, acupoint application and electrostatics
  •         Improve microcirculation
  •         enhance vascular permeability
  •         alkalization of the tissue environment
  •         Body care and body shaping for big-bellied waist and abdomen, bloated and hypertrophy lower limbs etc



The product is composed of the electrostatic charge electret PTFE membrane, functional non-woven fabrics, hot melting pressure sensitive adhesive, turmeric oil, garcinia cambogia, volatile oil, release paper, etc



1.     Applicable scope :  this product is mainly applicable to the crowds with big-bellied waist and abdomen, bloated and hypertrophy lower limbs etc

2.     Applicable method: open the package, tear off the back lining paper, put the plaster side onto the navel, stick 8 hours a day, then it can be torn off, stick if before sleeping, the effect can be much better

3.     Notes

(a)  It is prohibited for those with skin redness and swelling, congestion, ulceration, damaged skin to use

(b) It is prohibited for those with allergic constitution to use

(c)  Pregnant women should use it with caution

(d) A few people shall have itch or red rash on some areas during gradually disappear after stopping the use

(e)  If belongs to a normal phenomenon when skin has burning sensation during the use


4.     Storage : airtight packaging , keep in cool and dry place

5.     Specifications : 10 plasters







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