KINGDOM Humidification Nano Beauty Face Steamer/Moisturizer/Whitening

steaming the face is one of the ion sprayer beauty salon necessary equipment, this instrument is concentrated large-scale sprayer functions, optimized for a home ion steam beauty, both can help deep clean, but also to add moisture to the skin, in addition to ion spray outside, you can also do herbal fumigation, treatment of skin problems or health, Set-in as one of the ion steam beauty, you can easily achieve a new family of beauty concept,

there are seven major effects:

  • add water, regulating water balance, reducing the formation of blackheads;
  • promote blood circulation, healthy and radiant skin;
  • removal of aging skin, promote collagen regeneration;
  • skin breathe easier absorption of nutrients;
  • remove excess fat, skin pale and transparent;
  • ion anti-inflammatory, inhibiting acne generation;
  • aromatherapy spray to relax decompression.



  • is a high-tech anion steaming the face for oily skin rejuvenation fog, neutral, dry, mixed, sensitivity and other skin
  • activation of hydrophilic factor, added skin moisture;
  • to promote collagen regeneration, dilute young wrinkle, recover skin smooth and detailed;
  • soften cuticles, enhance skin absorption capacity, so that the skin absorb adequate nutrition;
  • remove the metal precipitate, pigmentation, let your face showing clear flawless;
  • to kill skin bacteria, inhibiting acne, but also your skin healthy qualities;


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