Kids Station Self-Powered Ride-on Yoyo/ Plasma/ Swing/ Twist Car (Blue Colour)

Yoyo Car is extremely easy to use and perfect for kids between three and ten years old, she will love to drive around under her own power without disturbing the neighbours. If you are trying to think up diversions for your super active preschooler, your best option is to get her one of it.


• Made up of durable hard plastic, can accomodate up to 100 Kg of weight.
• Very simple to operate. No gear and Pedals
• No Fuel or Battery Required
• It Glides Super Easily on Any Hard Smooth


Why Kids And Parents Love Plasma Car
• Most cost effective toys. Moderate Price compared to other ride on toys
• Very Quiet. Your neighbourhood won’t be affected!

​Gross weight: 6000g

Maximum speed: 2.8m/sec







* 扭扭车体积小,不会占据家里太大的地方;
* 适应的年龄段跨度大,从十几个月到成年人都可以玩; 可称重到100KG。
* 扭扭车不仅能够增强宝宝的手眼协调能力,又能够锻炼宝宝的手腕、手臂及腰肌等,促进儿童健康成长。
* 扭扭车能在客厅、公园、广场、小区、幼儿园等硬质平地玩耍;
* 车身距地面较低(仅为10cm左右),安全系数在童车类产品中最高。


扭扭车的作用和好处 :



设计原理 : 扭扭车操作简单,无需动力装置,充分利用了离心力原理和人体运动中的惯性原理,仅靠左右转动方向盘,就可随意前后行驶。

适合场所 : 起居室、公园、广场、房间、幼儿园、水泥和柏油路等等平坦的地方。

Product Details

The car has 6 wheels but, the front 2 are only for stability and don't even touch the ground. They are used in case the rider goes over something like a curb or object on the ground. The next 2 wheels move when the rider turns the steering wheel and cause the PlasmaCar to pull forward. Since the 2 wheels are in back of the actual steering wheel physics makes them propel forward using Newton's "action/reaction" law.


It's like magic, but you don't need to be a magician to get it to work. The Plasma Car is a mechanical marvel that makes use of that most inexhaustible of energy sources, kid-power, by harnessing the natural forces of inertia, centrifugal force, gravity, and friction.


The PlasmaCar is adult-friendly, too. For starters, it doesn't require an expensive power source that needs constant replacement. No batteries, no power-cells, no liquid fuel-just the occasional cookie or two. It's quiet too-the only sound you'll hear is the sound of its wheels. It provides kids with plenty of exercise, more so than most toys. And the Plasma Car is engineered to be absolutely safe when used appropriately. It's been extensively tested, and meets or exceeds all US and International safety standards.


To propel the Plasma Car, you rotate the steering wheel continuously from left to right. It also works in reverse. To zoom backwards, just switch the set of four front wheels around so that the larger ones are closest to the front of the car. To stop your Plasma Car, just cease rotating the steering wheel and, when the car slows, put your feet on the ground to bring it to a full stop-easy as pie. Think of it as a Segway for kids.


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