KCK Insect Repellent (1bottle x 1000ml)


1. Spray directly to affected areas like table and counter tops, general floors and garden lawns

2. For heavy soiled areas. Wash, scrub and rinse with water followed by step no 1

Did you know? Most insecticides and pesticides are used in addition to killing pests, some even killing human beings! Such as common insecticide, pyrethrin, will lead the call if inhaled suction problems, causing life-threatening

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Benefit of Product

  • To elliminates ants, spray onto traces/walking lines of ants. If ants are seen on table, spray onto table legs
  • To elliminates rats, spray onto traces/walking lines of rats
  • To eliminate cockroaches
  • To elliminates lizards/geckos, spray onto bottom edges of walls or window frames
  • To eliminate termites, spray on the exit/entrance of their nests
  • To elliminate pests bugs such as planthoppers frominfesting our plats, spray a small amount directly onto the plants KCK Insect Repellent is totally safe.
  • To elliminate ,spray onto dog’s body. You can also spray on a dog’s injured area, its safe to your dog even if it it licks the wound
  • To elliminate mosquitoes, bed bugs, spray onto the frames of beds, and bottom edges of walls

KCK Insect Repellent is an liquid spray that contains Citronella essense and plant extracts. It only needs to be applied on traces of insects/bugs to achieve long lasting in drawing away / eliminating ants, cockroaches, termites, geckos, dog lice, bed bugs and many others, KCK Insect Repellent is totally safe for animal and plants. It can be sprayed directly onto you plants to drive away pets and bugs, on dogs’ bodies, wounds to drive away dog lice and flies.



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