Black-Flawless Body Wash (Moisturizes the skin)

~Full effect of moisturizing, promote protein synthesis epidermis (top layer of skin), the skin soft and smooth, increases skin hydration

~Contains a variety of plant extracts, makes the skin more delicate, soft, shiny and translucent. Elegant fragrance, as if wearing perfume after bathing

~Fragrance: Citrus + Peony + patchouli (dior fragrance)








White-Very very Slight Body Wash (Relaxation)

~Milk bath containing essential oil extracts to help to relax the body after a long day

~Formulated with a combination of essential oils, rich and lasting fragrance after using. 

~Fragrance: Lemon + Jasmine + lavender 







Pink- Internally Flawless Body Wash (Brightening)

~Helps to brighten the skin, to reproduce the translucent bright and shiny skin in addition to sealing in moisture so that every inch of the skin would not be dry. 

~Contains a special extract, cleansing skin while instantly replenishes nutrition, conditioning the skin texture, improves skin elasticity and smoothness. 

~Fragrance: iris + peony + peach + white rosin + orange + sweet paste + paste flowers + jasmine + rose




~ 含有特殊精华,在清洁皮肤的同时瞬间补充肌肤所需的营养,调理肌肤纹理,改善肌肤粗糙不光滑,使肌肤光滑有弹性.

~ 香调: 鸢尾花 + 牡丹 +水蜜桃 + 白松香 + 柑橘 + 甜浆+ 浆花+ 茉莉+ 玫瑰

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