KA’FEN’s shampoo and treatment does not contain dimethicone which will clog up the hair pores if it is not wash completely from the hair. KA’FEN’s Impression series unique hyaluronic acid moisturising factor has a softening effect to balance the scalp oil secretion, reduce scalp discomfort, effectively relieve and improve dry scalp. Scalp hair would thus be maintained in a healthy state and at the same time increasing the hair softness, moisturising and nourishing the hair to keep it soft




1)  Deep Blue/深-- Repairing ShampooRepairing Shampoo 保湿洗发精

Contains a mild plant formula which helps to keep the hair clean, supple and refresh while maintaining a healthy scalp. It repairs and moisturise the hair to keep it beautiful and this is made possible with our water soluble protective film which helps to keep hair smoother, less frizzy and keeping it attractive. 酸蛋白滋养成分配合玻尿酸锁水因子,增加头发柔软度又兼具锁水修复功能, 让头发发丝柔顺,保湿,滋润动人

>Suitable for dry scalp, damaged & unmanageable hair 适合干性头皮,粗硬受损发质



2)Light Blue/浅蓝---Refresh (Anti Dandruff) Shampoo 控油洗发精

Help in the reduction in bacteria growth with the help of botanical extracts. It reduce oily substances in the hair and the aging of hair. The Refresh shampoos also helps to eliminate dandruff to maintain a clean and healthy scalp. 富含温和阴离子和酸碱平衡液·角蛋白等多种植物萃取物,控油成分。以弱酸性平衡油质分泌。 水溶性配方,不油腻,使头发光泽。富有弹性,胶原蛋白奈米化分子更细小,渗透及防护功能更好,其有效成分及时锁定受损部位,维持头发的均衡状态

>Suitable for oily hair scalp, dandruff problem, dry & damaged hair 适合头发容易出油者,头皮油质分泌不平均等需要补充的发质



3) Red/红色--Permed/Colored Hair Shampoo 锁色烫后洗发精

Deeply cleans the hair, retains hair glow and shine. This shampoo is specially formulated for dyed and permed hair to retain the color and shape as this shampoo helps to repair and restore damaged hair from dyeing and perming. 添加草本萃取盈彩成分,深层滋润秀发同時护色,含滋养因子及果酸,为每丝秀发补充水分及营养,展现出健康亮丽的光泽度与柔顺质感

>Suitable for permed/coloured or damaged & dry hair, protect colour 适合染烫受损缺水发质,有锁色效果



4) Yellow/-- Deep Recovery Treatment 深层护发素

KA’FEN’s Impression Series Deep Recovery Treatment helps to detox, purify and removes residual in hair. It help to reconstructs the inner hair structure, awaken the absorption power of the scalp. It fixes dry hair and split ends, improves hair resilience and eliminates hair odour. It is recommended to leave on the treatment for 8-10mins before washing it off. For severely damaged hair, it would be recommend to leave it on for about 10-20mins before washing it off.  头发受损会皮质会形成许多不规则的空洞,强效地渗透因子能深层填补皮质空洞,使头发达到饱满状态,重建内部结构,强化纤维表层而且还有高效抗老效果!

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