Ka'fen Acid Hair Series formulated by Japnese & Taiwanese: Comprises of an acid protein to maintain a PH of 5.5. It has a high moisturising effect which will help repair very dry hair to retain their original softness and glow. KA’FEN’s shampoo does not contain dimethicone which will clog up the hair pores if it is not wash completely from the hair.

亚希朵系列是由日本与台湾的工程师共同研发,酸蛋白配方,接近头皮 PH 5.5的洗发精. 亚希朵不刺激头皮,温和配方轻松清洁头皮。搭配护发素能修复干燥开叉的头发,变得顺滑有光泽哦!它还是"不含硅灵,不会造成毛孔阻塞。









1) 酸蛋白低敏控油洗髮精 Balancing Shampoo - Helps in oil control, anti-aging of hair, helps eliminate dandruff to maintain a clean and healthy scalp. It will also help create a lighter hair for ease in styling, maintain a PH balance, sooth the scalp and helps restore hair elasticity. 抑制细菌繁殖,轻松控油,抗老化,头温和的洁淨,而且不容易产生油状物。头发感觉更轻,更容易做造型,赋予头发更多可能。它有助于舒缓头皮,而使头皮清爽的PH平衡。设有豪华的多感官香氛,水疗般的体验,恢复秀发应有的弹性与干爽感。


2) 酸蛋白保湿洗髮精 Moisturizing Aroma Shampoo - Focuses on moisturising and nourishing the hair. It helps keep the glow in the hair which is caused by dry or frizzy hair. creates a rich creamy foam with unique moisturising ingredients which helps to repair and moisturise hair to keep it beautiful. 它特殊的保湿成分,提供头发柔软性和光泽,而配方中添加的美容级保湿因子,温和足以满足枯干的头发和头皮


3) 酸蛋白护色洗髮精 Colour Preserve Shampoo - Contains a unique extraction brightening formula which deeply cleans the hair, retains hair glow and shine. It also helps repair and restore damaged hair from frequent dyeing and perming while maintaining PH balance. 添加萃取亮彩配方,深层修护秀发的同时锁色因子加强颜色的附著度,使护色能够更持久。配方中的滋养因子为每段发丝补充水分与营养,展现出健康亮丽的光泽度和柔顺感


4) 酸蛋白保湿滋养霜 Rapid Recovery Treatment - Retain moisture and replenishes nutrients in hair. It leaves hair with a refreshing feeling with a non-sticky, supple and elastic touch. The Rapid Recovery Treatment also contains hydrolysed protein components which help in deep repairing of hair and replenishes protein to enhance toughness in the hair. 头发受损皮质会形成许多不规则的空洞,强效地渗透因子能深层填补皮质空洞,使头发达到饱满状态,能迅速的将头发中的蛋白质与蛋白纤维焊接,并使其重新组合与排列,使头发恢复还原健康发质的弹性与韧性

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