JUSINO TAE FC (Flexible Carbon Fibre) series multi-functional professional tripod with superior apperance, breaking the traditional red dot press regulation!

As tough as a ruby, it follows the ruby's wisdom and intelligence. It functions as unique as a ruby, in all kind of shooting situation, allowing adjustment at different angle, the wisdom star TAS F functional tripod ensured camera stability! Explore a new horizon in your photography and start a new field of vision, let your creativity shines in every glaring bright spot!

Multi-function, multi-angle center column system, making the flexibility and stability of TAE tripod to the ultimate limit! TAE FC series tripod centre column can be mounted horizontally to achieve 180 degrees and 360 degrees vertical and horizontal rotation and adjust in various direction. Photographer can also turn the centre column upside down when needed, to overcome the  angle which human body cannot reach. Easily achievement and statisfying the need for macro photography and special wide Angle shot, at the same time with advanced camera shock and impact resistant function, deliver maximum stability in your camera system!

TAE FC series tripod - though with tremendous features, can be setup within just a few seconds! Maintaining the stability of tripod, without being limited by the harsh geographical location, allowing you to easily captured images beyond imagination!

BH-68 Ballhead

Jusino professional ballhead inherits world's top quality sweden design concept, using uneven oval shape of ball design, creating stability and locking via turning of the internal mechanism, resisting ball from unsteady and shaking. High precision, high performance and durable are the features of Jusino products.

Quick release plate is the unique feature design of all Jusino ballhead. Using international standard arca swiss deisgn, comes with a useful spiriti level at side, which is easy to view and use. The entire Quick Release system gives the peace of mind when locking down your equipment on Jusino ballhead!


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