Cleaning sets including: 1 x CL -P1 Lens Pen 1 x Dust Blower (CL B4, black (D)) 1x Fiber Lens Cleaning Cloth
Dust Blower - The JJC Dust Blower Cleaner is a top quality, heavy duty construction blower bulb, that produces optimum blowing effect through its double valve system.
This blower effectively "brushes" away unwanted dust from your sensors, lenses, or other sensitive equipment with a gentle blast of clean air.
Lens Cleaning Pen - The JJC Lens Cleaning Pen does away with solvents, harsh cleaning products and messy lens tissues. Just use the soft, natural bristles of the retractable brush to dust away any hard particles and the special 100 per cent safe cleaning agent does the rest. As you clean the special tip of the JJC Lens Cleaning Pen flexes as it follows the contours of the lens. And by applying gentle pressure on the lens and by brushing in gentle circular motions the JJC Lens Cleaning Pen removes any smudges in seconds. Besides protecting the brush, the cap also replenishes the brush tip with JJC cleaning compound each time it is replaced and twisted. JJC Lens Cleaning Pen is safe for for all types of video, photo and binocular lenses, including multi-coated. It's a non-fluid cleaning agent with integrated brush, non-toxic and cannot dry out.
Microfibre Cloth - You should always carry a lens cloth to keep your lens or filter in tip top condition free from rain drops and dust. If not your pictures will suffer from lack of contrast flair and blurred patches.
A microfibre cloth is the best you can use to protect the surface of the lens as you clean, because the cloth is non abrasive. Keep one in your gadget bag/back pocket at all times.
Cleaning Kits including
1 x CL-P1 Lens Pen
1 x Dust Blower (CL-B4, black(D))
1x Fiber Lens Cloth
Material :ABS



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Warranty Period  One Years
Warranty Type  Manufactury

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Cleaning Kits including
1 x CL-P1 Lens Pen
1 x Dust Blower (CL-B4, black(D))
1x Fiber Lens Cloth
Material :ABS

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If for any reason, this JJC product fails within ONE YEAR of the date of purchase, return this product to your JJC dealer or contact ,     
 and it will be exchanged for you at no charge( not include shipping cost). JJC products are guaranteed for ONE FULL YEAR against defects in workmanship and materials. If at any time after one year, your JJC product fails under normal use, we invite you to return it to JJC for evaluation.     
1. The warrant is only effective in one year under normal use.     
2. Free maintenance will not be given under one of the following circumstance.    
l The breakdown caused by the manipulation that did not follow the requests of the manual.    
l The damage caused by the dismantle movement of a non-authorized maintainer.      
l The breakdown, row harm or damaged because of the move or drop.     
l The damage caused by customer inappropriate preservation, maintain, or the usage.     
l Easy damaged pieces and present accessories are not concerned.     
l The breakdown and the damage caused by the force majeure.     
l Those products that has refitted or added other functions by your own will not be accepted to repair.     
3. If at any time after one year, your JJC product fails under normal use, we invite you to return it to JJC for evaluation.     


Return Policy
7 days upon receiving stock
When sealed package is opened or packaging materials are lost  will not  returnable or exchangeable.



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