itsColl Plus+ is a comprehensive collagen beauty drinks. 100% natural ingredients, does not add in any harmful substances and hormone ingredients, so men and women also can consume.

The major benefits or itsColl Plus+:

  1. Diminish fine lines
  2. Anti-aging
  3. Moisturizing, anti-pigmentation, tighten pores
  4. Brigthen skin, prevent skin aging
  5. Breast Firming
  6. Improve hair condition
  7. Improve body immunity
  8. Cartilage protection

How does itsColl Plus+ outshine other beauty drinks?

  • 20 grams each sachet, very sufficient for daily needs.
  • Ingredients are imported from France, Brazil, Japan and etc.
  • Contains variety of ingredients which leading to synergy effect, double up the effect. 


Recommended consumption:

First-time users: 1 sachet a day for consecutive period of 14 days.

For maintenance: 1 sachet every 2 days.

1 box = 15 sachets, 20 grams each

1 box = RM 178 

2 boxes = RM 300

3 boxes = RM 428


itsColl Plus+ 是全方位美肤健康美容饮品。
100% 天然,没有添加任何有害物质以及荷尔蒙成分,所以男女都可以饮用。

itsColl Plus+ 拥有多方面的功效:

  1. 防皱纹
  2. 抗老化
  3. 保湿, 淡斑, 收缩毛孔
  4. 美白嫩肤, 防止肌肤老化
  5. 紧实丰胸
  6. 改善发质
  7. 提升身体抵抗力
  8. 保护软骨

为什么itsColl Plus+ 与众不同?

  • 每小包20gram, 非常足够的分量。
  • 原料来自法国,日本,荷兰和巴西。
  • 含有多种的营养成分产生协同作用,发挥更好的效果

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  • Goods sold are non-returnable.
  • No Cancellation order if found the product unsuitable.
  • Exchange can be made if the item(s) sent to you is incorrect or defected only.

The returned item(s) will be checked with the receipt together and the goods should be in the good condition. The packaging should also be in original condition in original shipping container as received. If the item(s) has been used or damaged by the customer, there will not be any refund. We will also not be responsible if your shipment is lost during the return transit. Once we have checked and confirm the goods / products, customer will received their refund within 14 days after the confirmation.


Should you have inquiries you may contact: 

YaYa : 012-485 6848 (wechat/whatsapp/sms)



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