• Easy Setup in 3 Minute
  • Wireless
  • Safe & Secure
  • Mobile View
  • Computer View
  • One Way Built-in Mic
  • Friends Share
  • Night Vision
  • Motion Detection
  • 6 Month Warranty

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easy_setup_icon.png EASY SETUP IN 3 MINUTES

Yes, there is a word "Smart" in its name, the SmartCam-Pro
can be easily setup in 3 minutes. Just power it on, find it in
network, choose your Wi-Fi, login your account, turn off the 
setting switch. Congratulations, your SmartCam-Pro is ready!

wireless_icon.png WIRELESS

Once setup, the SmartCam-Pro will be working wirelessly, you can start monitoring on your iOS or Android devices anywhere and anytime, even anyplace where you can login your account from internet browser.
Browser Support:   browsers_icon.png

safe_secure_icon.png SAFE & SECURE

SmartCam-Pro using smart connect technology (powered by 
seedonk) protects you from isecurity+ to sit behind local network firewall, and keeps you hidden from the public internet. 
Furthermore, we use industry level 128-bit SSL (the same 
technology used in online banking and e-commerce) to encrypt all data transmission, so it is protected end-to-end from Cam to you.

night_vision_icon.png NIGHT VISION

Night time? dark corner? Don't worry, with Infrared 
LEDs, your SmartCam-Pro still can help you to monitor 
everything in darkness.

mic_icon.png ONE WAY BUILT-IN MIC

"I see nothing unusual, but I hear something suspicious!" With the one way built-in mic, SmartCam-Pro can get synchronized audio for you so you will not miss any situation happening out of your sight.

pant_tilt_icon.png PAN/TILT CONTROL

Just slide in/out your thumbs on your smart devices' screen, you can easily zoom in/out the lens. Tap the direction arrow, you can also move your camera view. Double tap the screen, It will redirect to the default view.

frend_share_icon.png FRIENDS SHARE

There always be a reason to "share". You can share the
camera view with your friends, just use their email address to
start the invitation. Easy and safe indeed.

pant_tilt_icon.png MOTION DETECTOR

Break-in Prevention

Before any intruder can reach your main door or within the coverage of SmartCam-Pro, you will receive email s that will prompt you on your smart phone.

You can check out the attached photos in the email, launch the app and see the live video on your smart phone and take the necessary actions to stop it. Panic number can be included in the email s.

pant_tilt_icon.png  CLOUD RECORDING

The conventional CCTV system relies on the DVR to function. As a result, when the DVR fails or gets stolen, the CCTV cameras become useless.

SmartCam-Pro system is DVR-less and continues to function when your video recording server fails. You still get to monitor all cameras through CSMC. Snapshots are still being uploaded to CSMC remote storage when motion is detected. The break-in preventive measures are intact.

premium_icon.png PREMIUM GRADE

SmartCam-Pro undergoes rigorous and stringent testing to meet the industrial quality levels. Ipmart-design products are designed and engineered to bring "convenience" to everyday life.




Powered by iSecurity+ Cameras

How Other Leading Cameras Compare


  • Plug and play with no router
  • Easy Wireless Wi-Fi Setup
  • No extra software or
    equipment needed.
  • Requires port forwarding,
    dynamic DNS configuring and
  • Confusing Configuration
  • Extra software and equipment


  • Camera sits protected within
    network firewall and hidden
    from the outside.
  • Encrypted Video Channels
  • Industry level, 128-bit SSL
    (the same technology as
    used in online banking and e-
  • Camera sits external to
    network firewall and exposed
    to the public domain, protected
    only via simple username
    password authentication.



  • Any Flash enabled browser,
    iPhone and Android App
  • Mobile Apps
    - iOS 4.1 or higher
    - Android 2.2 or higher
  • Many work only on Internet
    Explorer, some support other
  • (Firefox, Chrome, Safari)
  • No mobile apps


  iSecurity+ - Video Monitoring Application

iSecurity+ Live

Unlimited Live Video Monitoring


Mobile Live Viewing Check
Camera Configuration Check
Camera Sharing Check
Live Audio Streaming Check
In-App Video Recording Check
In-App Snapshot Check
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Optional - 
Cloud Video Recording Free 30 Day Trial
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