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Products Name : Ioncare 7000 Round Silver White 7 Plates Alkaline Water Ionizer

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Weight  : Net: 6.25Kg

                Gross: 6.94Kg

Model : Ioncare 7000-Round Silver White

Color Available : Silver White


Dimension : 340(W) x 340(H) x 147(D) mm


Electrolysis Device

* Electrode = Platinum Coated Titanium

* No. of electrode plates = 7 plates

* Electrolysis cleaning = Automatic cleaning (approx. 30 seconds)



* Replacement = Cartridge type (pair type)

* Lifespan = 1st filter: 6,000L, 2nd filter: 9000L

* Lifespan indication = Indication on LCD

* Components = Three-layered sediment filter, granular activated carbon, calcium

                            sulfite, tourmaline ceramic ball

Water Supply Method : Direct connection to tap water

Generating Capacity : 2.5 ± 0.5 L/min

Electrolysis step : Alkaline water: 4 stages / Acid water: 4 stages

Allowable Water Pressure : 1.5 ~ 5.0 kgf/cm²

Allowable Water temperature : 5 ~ 40°C

Input Voltage : AC 110-240V / 50-60Hz

Power Consumption : 150VA

SMPS Power : 250W



Ioncare series are a household device that generates alkali water, acidic water and purified water as the tap water goes through the purification filter to remove harmful substances and through an electrolysis process.

The alkali water ionizer of IONCARES creates nine types of water in total such as four stages of alkali water, four stages of acidic water and purified water. Alkali water ionizer is a household device verified by the Korean Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) for its efficacy in the improvement in the four major stomach symptom improvements such as indigestion, chronic diarrhea, excessive stomach acid and abnormal fermentation in the stomach.

Key Function

  1. 5 inches large color LCD
    Customers are able to distinguish the stage of alkali water that is being discharged at one glance.
  2. Touch-Sensor method
    Ioncare series applied with touch sensor method making it user friendly. All status in water ionizer is informed with a voice, making it user friendly for elderly and children.
  3. Application of High functional Two-Filter Method
    It has been enhance the purification capability for reliable drinking water.
  4. Application of 250W SMPS Method
    SMPS allow to improve the stability of power and to allow an accurate PH realization. And the usage of 250W power enables the generation of High purity alkali water and the sustainability of alkali water after generation excels.
  5. Adjustments of current to 240 stages according to the water quality of raw water
    This performance and effects of this technology is outstanding in overseas market, such as China and Europe in particular where the PH degree of raw water is high.
  6. Usage of a Seven layers electrode plates.
  7. Hygienic auto-cleansing and auto discharge system preventing pollution of germs
    Ioncare series automatically clean the electrolyzer and discharge the remaining water, for resolving hygienic issues as well as expanding the lifespan of electrolyzer.
  8. Application of Original Recognition Chip of Filter
    In the previous products, many of water ionizer functioned even with the usage of unverified filters, incurring a decline in the performance and lifespan of water ionizers, so customer dissatisfaction arose due to the uncertainty of filter performance.
    Ioncare Series applied the original recognition chip of the filter enabling the customers to use reliable products.

Warranty : 1 Year


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