Instant-Dict iPen/快译通 点读笔

Let your kids love to learning with iPen


Dear parents! Wanna look for a learning pal for your lovely children,  accompanied them to learn the languages, storytelling, interactive exercises to do it together?  Instant-Dict now launched a new breakthrough of a new generation of learning tools - iPen point pen.

iPen has emerged a new generation of learning tool which breaks through the traditional thinking. It is a teaching instrument invented for early childhood education on various aspects of different child development stages in terms of listening, speaking, reading, writing, observing, thinking, etc.

亲爱的家长们!是否想要为您的幼儿找个伴,伴随他们学语文,讲故事,一起做互动练习呢?如今快译通全新推出突破传统思维的新一代学习工具 - iPen点读笔。

**Brian Development -- 大脑开发
**Clear Pronunciation -- 发音清
**Follow Reading & Repeat Reading -- 跟读与复读
**MP3 & Recording -- MP3与录音
**Interactive Practices -- 互动练习
**Safe & Reliable -- 安全可靠
**Bilingual Translation -- 翻译功能
**Abundant learning Contents -- 丰富学习内容
**Easy to use -- 操作简单
**Convenient to Carry -- 携带方便 

Including 15 books for variety learning such as fairy tale, rhymes, chinese pinyinpicture learning and etc.


Product Details

Extra add on iBook/额外书籍

English I Like / 幼儿启蒙


Chinese Fairy Tale / 亲亲童话屋

T & C

*1 Year product warranty.
*Warranty period only covers manufacturing and workmanship defects. Repair charges shall be imposed if defects
is caused by reasons other than the manufacturing and workmanship defects.
*Accessories only cover with 1 month warranty.

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*Tel: 603-9285 1262
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