Ido’s SunBlock防晒粉底霜300 g




This light, oil free sunblock not only protects your skin from the damaging effects of sun, it also contains anti-oxidant, vitamins and firming actives, which nourish skin cells and promote healthy cell growth. It acts as a makeup primer to even out skin tones and moisturizes without clogging the pores. It leaves a blissful, feathery light sensation on the skin with each application.


Product Details


• 防晒SPF30 
• 粉底 
• 保湿 
• 紧致肌肤
• 不堵塞毛孔配方 




• 不阻塞毛孔。 
• 减少色素沉淀。 
• 功效犹如粉底,可轻易遮瑕。 
• 肌肤保湿 


步骤1: 摇晃瓶身。

步骤2: 喷射大约两次在掌心。

步骤3: 在额头、鼻子、双颊、下巴及颈部轻点防晒霜。

步骤4: 将防晒霜均匀地拉开,均匀的涂抹于整张脸及颈项。


• Sun Protection SPF 30 
• Makeup Foundation 
• Moisturizing 
• Skin Firming 
• No Pores Clogging


Why choose ido’s Sun Block ? 

• Unclog pores 
• Reduce pigmentation 
• Concealer function 
• Moisturize skin

 Step1: Shake well before use

Step2: Press the nozzle twice onto the palm.

Step3: Tap small amount of SUNBLOCK onto the forehead, cheeks, 
             chin, nose and neck.

Step4: Spread the SUNBLOCK gently and evenly to cover the whole 
             face and neck.


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