Sweep, vacuum and mop simultaneously
Space analyzing with encoder
Floor Analysis system ensure cleaning room without miss a spot
Extra large CATCH-MOP® ultra microfiber mopping cloth
Working time 2.5 hours
Charging time less than 2 hours
Climb 18 mm carpet, doorsill or sliding door rail
Non touch obstacles detection
Sweep, vacuum and mop simultaneously
1 year warranty from iCLEBO Malaysia
Made in Korea

Product Details

Product Description:

Housewives or in some rare cases, househusbands, rejoice! No longer do you need to worry about your home’s floor being always dusty and dirty. Introducing the iClebo POP, the robotic cleaner that helps you clean your floors with relative ease. Now you can sit back, relax and enjoy some time off and let the iClebo do all the work for you!



Superior Design

The iClebo POP is designed to be the most efficient robotic cleaner in the world and it does this by employing state of the art technology. The built in sensors on the Arte allows it to sense and detect obstacles while cleaning. This makes it able to clean through everything such as your furniture and also avoid drops such as your home stairs. The compact body enables it to go under certain furniture to further clean places that you can’t reach with a broom or mop.



Cleans Thoroughly

Equipped with sweeping brushes, the POP collects dust and dirt from your floor with amazing speed and ease. The brush sweeps in the dirt and then the vacuum does the rest by sucking it up and into the dust pan. When you are done sweeping, you can attach large size microfiber cloth at the back of the POP and viola! a mop!



How does the iClebo navigate?

iClebo POP equipped with encoders (a floor measuring sensor) to maximize cleaning efficiency by analyzing cleaning environment so that wouldn’t miss a spot.  When it’s low on battery, the iClebo instantly returns to it charging dock to start recharging, ready for its next cleaning duty.



Maintaining iCLEBO

Maintaining the iClebo is a breeze, all you need to do is just empty its dustbin and it can work for weeks. The detachable parts of the iCLEBO enables easy cleaning of the cleaning brush – much easier than a conventional vacuum cleaner. Besides that, the dustbin is also washable making it so much easier to keep the iClebo clean and functional.



The manufacturer

iClebo is made by Yujin Robot in South Korea, an original design manufacturer for several established brands of robotic cleaners. Yujin Robot is also well known on creating high technology products such as military robotic equipment’s, industrial robotic arm and meal transporting robot.



Main sales & service center
Fiesta Ampang Shopping Mall, F-33A, Level 1, Fiesta @ Axis Pandan, Jalan Cempaka, Taman Cempaka, 68000 Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia.  
Enquiry & Technical Support:+603 9287 9799
Operating Hours:       
12:00pm-8:00pm (Mon-Sat)                                    
Closed on Sunday and public holidays




T & C

Physical Damage
In rare situation where there are physical damages to the main unit, we will exchange your item with a complete new unit with the following conditions:-
- The item must be in new condition
- Return in complete set with original packaging, box and free gifts
- Contact iCLEBO distributor directly within 3 days at


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