Why is i-Manz unique?

  • i-Manz uses modern high technology materials in the form of long-distance infrared energy of  PF-100. This high quality form of  PF-100 energy is unique, it remains active despite being worn often and does not dissolve in frequent washing.
  • i-Manz also has a unique energy wave that is able to release rays of 4-14 micro metres, long distance infrared energy waves that elevates the circulation of blood.
  • i-Manz works to strengthen the spine, straightening the body to its proper posture whilst in the position of standing, sitting and walking.
  • i-Manz has 6 magnetic stones which are sewn into the “Guanyuan” and “huiyin” provides stimulation, regulates the heartbeat, increasing metabolic rates and strengthens the body.
  • i-Manz is also anti-bacterial, does not encourage body odour, and elevates problems such as breaking out in cold sweat, aches and pains in the body, cramps after strenuous exercise and slims the body.
  • A unique and innovative creation that does not need to be removed for trips to the bathroom, is easy and comfortable to wear.

i-Manz 能量整脊裤特色 :

  • 布料采用PF100能量矿物纤维,利用精密陶瓷等多种能量元素,直接制成纤维。清洗过程不易剥落,优于一般陶瓷纤维。
  • 具有独特的能量元素,能稳定发射4~14 微米的电磁波渗透体内,帮助促进整体的循环系统。
  • 具有调整脊椎的功能,纠正男性弯腰驼背的不良习惯及帮助改变男性不良体态,如站姿,坐姿,走姿。
  • 附加6颗强化矿物能量磁石,在靠近关元及会阴两穴道的位置上做矿物纤维发射按摩,能够更加有效的促进血液循环和加速新陈代谢并增强体力,提振精神。
  • 抗菌防臭,改善虚冷症及疼痛症状,运动后的疲劳恢复,增强体力,脂肪代谢等等瘦身功效显着。
  • 贴身而不紧绷,i-MANZ 革新及前卫的独特裁剪,小号(小便)不必脱,非常舒服简单

Product Details

Who needs to wear i-MANZ?

  • Men whose work requires constant standing or long hours sitting in an office space.
  • Men who are involved in sporting activities, such as golf, mountain-climbing, tennis, badminton, bowling and others.
  • Men who suffer from back pains, aches and cramps in the body, and low body temperature.
  • Men who have bulging bellies.
  • Older men who are aging.
  • Men who place a high importance on their health and well being.


  • 长期站或坐在办公室工作的男性
  • 热爱运动的男士们(如高尔夫球,爬山,网球,羽球,保龄球等等运动)
  • 腰酸背痛者
  • 大肚腩
  • 年长者
  • 寻求健康的人士

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