I-Beauty Golden Series designed based on 3D ergonomics theory effective to re-established excessive fats to the right places in order to build a svelte body contour. It is sewing using PF100 far infra-red energetic fibre which helps to activate the whole system of energy, blood, water and excretory while improves blood circulation and metabolism system.

Besides that, i-beauty Golden Series helps to straighten back bone and it is an international patent registered high-tech product which is “specially design for toilets convenience” and giving you easier way without hassle.

i-Beauty 黄金系列 配合3D人体工学剪裁而成,能有效把移位脂肪重新分布导引归位,朔造完美曲线。它采用PF100 原红外线能量纤维制完美曲线。它采用PF100 原红外线能量纤维制成,能帮助促进气,血,水的排泄系统并能促进整体血液循环及新陈代谢。此外 ,i-beauty黄金系列也有助娇正脊椎的功效,再加上荣获国际新款式 ” 如厕免脱 “ 的专利设计,让您轻松如厕,方便自在!



Product Details

Chest Holder

  • In accordance to theory of sciences, medical, chiropractic and ergonomic designed.  With “U” shape unique designed which helps to pushing up the bulges fatty deposits at armpits , back and waist area to the bra cup in order to uplifting the breast and create a solid shape.
  • 10 memory steel bone bodice helps to tone excessive fats from abdomen and midriff to move upward towards chest while flatten tummy to protrude the waistline contour.
  • Helps to prevent sagging and wider breast.
  • Helps to correct humpback & improper posture of ladies.
  • Straighten back bone and preventions of unaligned of spinal structure while helps to regulate digestive system and promote better metabolism.

    Long Girdle

    • 3D ergonomic cutting design effective to slim thigh and up-lifting buttock.
    • Double layered front panel for strong compression to flatten tummy and enhance digestive system while reduce pre-menstrual symptoms of lady.
    • 3D girdle pocket to support buttock and build a shapelier buttock.
    • Hems are embellished with intricate lace in interweave pattern to prevent curve effect and slim thigh without pressure.
    • International world patent right designed “specially designed for toilet convenience” for ladies to go to the toilet without hassle


    • 中压加压,防止小腹突出,达到排气,排便,收腹的效果及改善女性生理问题。
    • 立体口袋型臀杯设计,能完全包住臀部脂肪,肌肉,提高臀线,呈现出完美臀部曲线。
    • 裤脚波浪式蕾丝花边设计,使裤脚不反卷,
    • 含无压,弱压,中压,强压四种力度,立体剪裁,达到修饰腿部曲线及提臀效果。
    • 瘦腿不阻碍血液循环。
    • 世界设计专利,如厕免脱,轻松方便。  

T & C

  • Free delivery within Peninsular Malaysia
  • Delivery Charge of RM20 per set applies to East Malaysia
  • Non-refundable and Non exchangeable


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