i-Beauty  Far-infra-red Rays Short Bra

  • Stretchy with firm stainless steel under wired 3D mould cup, comfortable and relieving.
  • Light pressure from sides and inner to tone and create a more curvaceous bust line.
  • Trims unsightly bulges in under-arms and upper-back. Prevent fat bulges in midriff.
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Energy mineral fiber high technology
  • Increases metabolism
  • Activates inner cells
  • Build & firms breast
  • Prevents breast diseases.
  • Fades darken skin on nipples.


  • 柔钢圈孤度支撑,超弹性立体罩杯,无压迫感,内和外侧面加压集中丰胸,托高及挺实效果。
  • 有效控制腋下和背部脂肪移位,无副乳房现象。
  • 促进体内血液循环
  • 高科技能量功能
  • 加速体内新陈代谢
  • 活化深层细胞
  • 促进乳房挺实富弹性
  • 预防乳房疾病,调理乳晕色素过重

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65B 63-68CM 75-78CM   85B 83-88CM 95-98CM  
65D 63-68CM 81-83CM   85D 83-88CM 101-103CM  
65F 63-68CM 85-88CM   85F 83-88CM 105-108CM  
65H 63-68CM 90-96CM   85H 83-88CM 110-113CM  
70C 68-73CM 83-86CM   90C 88-93CM 103-106CM  
70E 68-73CM 88-90CM   90E 88-93CM 108-110CM  
70G 68-73CM 93-95CM   90G 88-93CM 113-115CM  
75B 73-78CM 85-88CM   95B 93-98CM 105-108CM  
75D 73-78CM 91-93CM   95D 93-98CM 111-113CM  
75F 73-78CM 95-98CM   95F 93-98CM 115-118CM  
75H 73-78CM 100-103CM   95H 93-98CM 120-123CM  
80C 78-83CM 93-96CM   100C 98-103CM 115-118CM  
80E 78-83CM 98-100CM   100E 98-103CM 120-123CM  
80G 78-83CM 103-105CM   100G 98-103CM 125-128CM  

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Free delivery within Peninsular Malaysia

Delivery Charge of RM20 per package applies to East Malaysia

Non-refundable and Non exchangeable


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