i-Beauty F.I.R Body Suit (Without Bra)

  • Possession of international Trendy Production Patent.
  • Using materials from the latest technology – PF100 Far- infra- red energetic fibre with excellent elasticity which is woven with 360 degrees pulling to all ends. Light, soft and comfortable. Heats body when cold and cooling when is hot. Absorbs sweat well and keeps you fresh.
  • Designed in accordance to 3D ergonomics theory that complies with human skeleton structure and fat-muscle scale.
  • Trendy and attractive designs. Slims body and firms burst while flattens tummy and lifts up buttocks for a shapelier and slimmer you!
  • In accordance to traditional nursing theory which helps to activate the whole system of energy, blood, water and excretory. Improves blood circulation and metabolism system.
  • In accordance to chiropractic theory, straightens back bones, prevent humpbacked, lower back pain, back pain and neurodynia.
  • Treats illness, systematize biological system, removes toxin, re-adjusts secretion, improves blood circulation and activates cells
  • Easily put on just 5 minutes. Special design for toilet conveniences with international patent right.

i-Beauty 全方位远红线无罩杯内衣裤

  • 拥有世界新款式制造专利。
  • 布料采用高科技的PF100能量纤维,具360度的弹性拉张力编织法,轻柔舒适,冬暖夏凉,吸汗通风。
  • 依据人体工学3D设计原理剪裁,符合人体骨骼架构及脂肪肌肉分配比率。
  • 设计新颖美观,穿后达致塑身丰胸,平腹撑臀,曲线分明,凹凸有致,窈窕迷人。
  • 根据传统医学理论,促进气,血,水及排泄系统的整体循环并能促进血液循环及新陈代谢。
  • 整脊学的功能,有效矫正脊椎,改善弯腰驼背,腰酸背痛及神经线疼痛。
  • 具理疗功效,帮助减轻病情,调理生理机能,排毒,内分泌失调,气血不顺和活化细胞。
  • 简单容易穿着,自需花5分钟便OK,如厕免脱的世界专利设计。


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Body Suit Non Zip

New slimming concept. All in one seamless whole stretch for maximum results




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Non-refundable and Non exchangeable


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