2 In 1 Long Bra

  • Designed in accordance to 3D ergonomics theory that complies with human skeleton structure and fat-muscle scale.
  • Trendy and attractive designs. Slims body and firms burst while flattens tummy and lifts up buttocks for a shapelier and slimmer you!
  • Unique mould that adds pressure from sides for pushing up
  • Detachable straps with firm support to the breast
  • 5 stainless steel boned bodice to create solid breast shape and maximum control at waist, tummy and buttocks
  • Utmost comfort and creates a perfectly smooth silhouette under clothes.
  • In accordance to chiropractic theory, straightens back bones, prevent humpbacked, lower back pain, back pain and neurodynia.


  • 依据人体工学3D设计原理剪裁,符合人体骨骼架构及脂肪肌肉分配比率。
  • 设计新颖美观,穿后达致塑身丰胸,平腹撑臀,曲线分明,凹凸有致,窈窕迷人。
  • 独特的罩杯设计,内侧边加压可丰挺胸部。
  • 可脱除肩带,胸罩仍撑高集中。
  • 采用五条记忆钢条,达致丰胸,细腰,平腹及翘臀的瘦身效果。
  • 穿着舒适贴身,轻松展露晚礼服及性感,时尚配搭。
  • 整脊学的功能,有效矫正脊椎,改善弯腰驼背,腰酸背痛及神经线疼痛.

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65B 63-68CM 75-78CM   85B 83-88CM 95-98CM
65D 63-68CM 81-83CM   85D 83-88CM 101-103CM
65F 63-68CM 85-88CM   85F 83-88CM 105-108CM
65H 63-68CM 90-96CM   85H 83-88CM 110-113CM
70C 68-73CM 83-86CM   90C 88-93CM 103-106CM
70E 68-73CM 88-90CM   90E 88-93CM 108-110CM
70G 68-73CM 93-95CM   90G 88-93CM 113-115CM
75B 73-78CM 85-88CM   95B 93-98CM 105-108CM
75D 73-78CM 91-93CM   95D 93-98CM 111-113CM
75F 73-78CM 95-98CM   95F 93-98CM 115-118CM
75H 73-78CM 100-103CM   95H 93-98CM 120-123CM
80C 78-83CM 93-96CM   100C 98-103CM 115-118CM
80E 78-83CM 98-100CM   100E 98-103CM 120-123CM
80G 78-83CM 103-105CM   100G 98-103CM 125-128CM


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Delivery Charge of RM20 per package applies to East Malaysia

Non-refundable and Non exchangeable


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