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                 60 ml /bottle   ( 550 times of spray or more)


Hygiene &  Personal Care for (family)

ONANO®.ros HYGIENE ANTI-BACTERIAL SPRAY does not sting like many other antiseptic or antibacterial agents, and is completely harmless when applied to the most sensitive areas of the skin or to exposed skin tissue.

Thus it is completely safe for skin hygiene, skin care, skin protection, mouthwash, male genital and feminine hygiene wash.



Some things you don't  (about .. menstruation—and the vagina ). But let’s all agree to be mature adults here, and talk seriously about a health issue that affects nearly every woman on the planet, and is too often ignored out of misguided politeness. The average woman will have about 350 menses in her lifetime, which, given an estimated average period length of 6 days, means she will spend a total of nearly 6 years of her life menstruating.

女性私处护理液feminine wash 妇科洗液、敏感肌肤专用







ONANO.ros Hygiene Antibacterial Spray .. is highly effective, non-stinging, and completely safe as an underarm deodorant, vaginal deodorant, or on the most sensitive body parts.

  • Virgianl odour is merely caused by bacteria, hormonal changes, and transmitted diseases. 
  • Candida yeast infection: Almost all disease and health problems are greatly aggravated by candida albicans. 
  • It is safe external use for pregnant and nursing women and, as well as easing the mother's delivery and recovery after give birth. 


How to use:

Apply on affected areas with (2 ~ 3 ) sprays each time, rinsing off properly after 5 minutes of using it.  
This is an excellent intimate hygiene wash and body deodorant product.


Who’s need it

  • Female at puberty (Volume discharge or secretion due to puberty, shy to visit O&G.)
  • Post-menopausal ladies (PH- virginal change, imbalance flora bacteria.)
  • Ladies stay in tropical region (hot & humid, ideal environment for bacteria growth & infection.)
  • Ladies who frequently suffer from white discharge and itchiness.
  • Ladies who frequently use antibiotics, drugs for chemotherapy, steroids, and contraceptive pills.
  • Diabetics and pregnancy ( high sugar environment.)
  • Pregnancy (secretion tends to be sweet and wet, ideal growth for Candida albicans.)
  • Ladies who like to wear tight clothing (ventilation is poor at private parts)


Product Details


  • Germs elimination and odor removal
  • Hypo-allergenic:  safe for use from children to old folks (for all age groups).
  • No alcohol, no chlorine, no bleaching, no harsh chemicals & REFRESH.
  • 24 hours of continuous protection against recontamination of harmful & contagious germs.



  • Keeps vagina clean and hygienic after daily care
  • Prevent: Unpleasant Odor, Itching & irritation and Infection.
  • Sunburn


  • Mouth-wash and personal hygiene use (mouthwash for HFMD – hand foot mouth disease)
  • For skin hygiene, sanitizer (childcare centre and kindergarten)
  • Anti bacterial Protection 
  • Diaper rash

Senior citizen

  • Sanitizer
  • Prevent Itching, odor remover
  • Mouth wash
  • Skin care and hygiene


Product exist in the market more than 5 years.
Application mostly
in childcare centre as hand sanitizer & mouth-wash have received good response. 
(reference available upon special request)

NO side effect being observed todate.


T & C

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2. Orders placed on Friday after 3 PM and over the weekend will be processed on Monday and will be delivered out on Tuesday by our dedicated courier service, excluding public holidays.

3. Delivery is not available for addresses with P.O. Boxes. 

4. Goods sold are not returnable.

5. We are currently only able to deliver to one delivery address per order. If you'd like to deliver to multiple addresses, please place a separate order for each unique address.




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