Hydrotherapy Shower Head consist of 3 main elements that able to promote healthier and smoother hair & skin.  First, Red Ceramic is used for water purification (reduction, antibacterial and deodorizing). Second, Grey Ceramic is used for Negative Ion Emission and able to dechlorination of water. Lastly, Natural Quartz/Citrine Crytals which is able to reduce chloride ion by the addition of electrons. 

In addition, it is design in such a way that all major parts of the Shower Head are removable and transparent which is easy for cleaning.  Also the tiny water holes and special sturcture of the shower head is able to increase water saving efficiency. 

This is a perfect designed to improves natural mosturizing factor of the skin and also good for sensitive skin.  



Universal shower head and easy to install...





Product Details

Product Features 

  • Innovative remoavable designed - Easy to clean for inner components
  • Transparent casing designed - User able to easy notice the inner parts conditions
  • Consist of 3 main elements
    • Red Ceramic - Used for water purification (reduction, antibacterial and deodorizing) 
    • Grey Ceramic - Used for Negative Ion emission and able to dechlorination of water
    • Natureal Quartz/Citrine Crytals - Reducing Chloride ion by the addition of electrons.
  • Water Saving - Tiny water holes and special structure of shower head to increase water saving effect
  • Promote healthier and smoother hair & skin
  • Good for sensitive skin 
  • Improves natural mosturizing factor of the skin
  • Easy to install, universal shower head fit 


Package Content: 

  • 1 x SPA Shower Head 

T & C

  • Product Warranty 
    • 3 month  one to one exchanged on manufacturing defects. 
  • Delivery Warranty  
    • 10 days FREE return if item is defective upon delivery.  We will pay customer the return shipping fee and send a new replacement or full refund
  • Product Support Channels: 
    • Email to 
    • Call or What'sapp us at 019 200 2985 


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